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Why Genshin Impact Takes Up So Much Storage

Hey friend! As a fellow tech geek who loves gaming, I totally get how frustrating it can be when a game like Genshin Impact takes up way too much space on your devices.

You want to immerse yourself in the vast open world of Teyvat, not stress about managing your storage! So let‘s take an in-depth look at why this game requires so much free space and how you can free up more room.

Genshin‘s Massive World Comes at a Cost

The short answer is that Genshin features absolutely massive open world environments with incredibly detailed graphics, music, and content. That level of quality requires a lot of storage capacity.

According to miHoYo themselves, "Genshin Impact provides players with an open-world environment and abundant content, so the game‘s file size is naturally larger compared to ordinary games."

To give you an idea, here are a few stats:

  • 7 major cities and regions to explore like Mondstadt, Liyue, and Inazuma
  • 25+ square miles of land across Teyvat and growing
  • Over 300 hours of orchestral music
  • 4K textures for environments, characters, weapons, and objects
  • Full voice acting in 4 languages
  • Dynamic weather, particle effects, realistic physics

All of that takes up a massive amount of data! And the world keeps expanding with updates that add new quests, lands, puzzles, characters, enemies, equipment, and more.

Frequent Major Updates Compound the Issue

One reason the install size keeps ballooning is that miHoYo rolls out major version updates every 6 weeks. From new regions to events to playable characters, these updates give us fresh content but also pile on more GBs.

For example, here‘s how much space recent updates have added:

Update Size
Version 2.0 11 GB
Version 2.1 5.6 GB
Version 2.2 1.9 GB
Version 2.3 1.6 GB
Version 2.4 1.2 GB
Version 2.5 4.6 GB
Version 2.6 1.6 GB
Version 2.7 5.02 GB
Version 3.0 7.02 GB

As you can see, those gigabytes compound over time! Version 3.0‘s new Sumeru region alone required 7 GB.

Audio and Video Files Use Lots of Space

A big chunk of Genshin‘s massive install size comes from audio and video files. Let‘s break this down:

  • Every voiced line in 4 languages is a separate HD audio file. There are over 60,000 voiced lines!
  • Cutscenes are rendered in 4K resolution with HDR color and full animations.
  • The orchestral soundtrack and ambient environmental audio is uncompressed for fidelity.

For example, version 2.6‘s English voice pack was 7.62 GB. The Japanese voice pack was 8.16 GB! Videos and music are also major storage hogs.

How to Free Up Space for Genshin Impact

Now let‘s get into some tips and tricks to slim down Genshin‘s bloated storage footprint:

Uninstall Unnecessary Language Packs

This easy fix can recover huge amounts of space. For example, deleting the Japanese voices cleared 8 GB on my PC! Here‘s how:

  1. Launch Genshin Impact and access Settings.
  2. Go to the Audio section.
  3. Uncheck languages you don‘t need. This will delete their voice packs.

Clear Cache and Temporary Files

Genshin caches a lot of data that can safely be deleted to free up GBs:

  • On PC: Browse to the Genshin install folder and delete files in Cache and Log folders.
  • On mobile: In phone settings, clear the cache and data for the Genshin app.

Do this after every major update for best results.

Adjust Graphics Settings

Using lower quality textures and effects reduces install size. Under Graphics settings, choose:

  • Lower resolution like 1280×720
  • Medium textures instead of High
  • Lower FPS cap to 30 instead of 60
  • Disable Bloom, Anti-Aliasing, and High-Res Anisotropic Filtering

This will significantly slim down storage needs but sacrifices visual quality.

Manually Delete Old Update Files

Genshin doesn‘t efficiently delete old update files you no longer need. You can manually clear this clutter:

  • On PC: Delete files from the Genshin app folder like older obb or pak files.
  • iOS: Use iTunes or Finder to access and delete old Genshin update files.
  • Android: Use a file manager to locate and delete the Genshin folder > com.miHoYo.GenshinImpact folder

Uninstall Genshin When Not Playing

You can always fully uninstall Genshin Impact during breaks and re-download it later. This ensures you use storage only when actively playing. Just be sure to bind your account first!

Expand Storage Capacity

If the above tips aren‘t enough, it may be time to upgrade your device storage:

  • For PC, add a 1 TB external SSD.
  • On mobile, get a phone with 256 GB or more built-in storage.
  • For iPhones, pay for additional iCloud storage to offload files.

Here are the recommended minimum Genshin storage requirements by device:

Platform Storage Needed
PC 40-60 GB
Android 64 GB phone
iOS 128 GB phone

I know managing Genshin‘s gigantic install size can be a headache, but I hope these tips help maximize your available space! Let me know if you have any other questions. Happy exploring in Teyvat!