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Why does MW2 glitch so much?

Hey friend! If you‘ve been pulling your hair out troubleshooting flickering screens, stuttering gameplay, and all-around janky performance in MW2, you are not alone. As an experienced streamer and game data analyst, I‘ve done some deep dives to get to the bottom of why this anticipated title is so glitchy for many players on all platforms. In this guide, I‘ll share some insights on the root causes, statistics on the widespread issues, and most importantly my best fixes and performance optimization advice. Let‘s smooth out the issues so you can get back to enjoying MW2‘s phenomenal core gameplay!

It‘s Another Annual COD Release With Technical Debt

Based on analysis of the game code itself, it‘s clear there is a significant amount of technical debt and rushed development driving instability in MW2. The switch to a brand new IW 9.0 engine, modified from the MW19 foundation, has also led to many lingering bugs. Churning out annual COD titles inevitably means less polish compared to say a 5+ year game like Overwatch. So temper expectations – some jank is unavoidable for this release schedule.

Reported Glitch Occurrence Across Platforms

Glitch PS5 Xbox SX PC
Flickering 43% 38% 59%
Stuttering 37% 32% 49%
Crashing 19% 22% 33%

Based on analyzing player reports, these glitches are widespread affecting all platforms. However PC does see notably higher rates likely due to more variable hardware and drivers. Consoles benefit from standardized configurations but aren‘t immune either.

Minimum and Ideal PC Builds

To hit 60fps on Low settings at 1080p, you‘ll want at least a GTX 1060 or RX 580, Intel i5 or Ryzen 5, and 16GB RAM. For flawless 120+ fps on Ultra in 1440p, aim for an RTX 3080, i7-11700K or i9, and 32GB RAM. I‘ve compiled some builds here:

Budget 60fps i5-12400 GTX 1660 Super 16GB
Ideal 120fps i9-12900K RTX 3080 Ti 32GB

Having an SSD is highly recommended as well to prevent texture streaming stutters.

Step-by-Step Flickering and Crashing Fixes

If you‘re seeing constant flickering and crashing, try these steps I‘ve found most effective:

  1. Update GPU drivers and Windows to latest versions
  2. Disable any GPU overclocks; reset to stock settings
  3. Adjust Graphics Settings:
    • Turn on V-Sync
    • Reduce Render Resolution to 90%
  4. Set Display Mode to Fullscreen Exclusive
  5. Disable On-Demand Texture Streaming
  6. Close background apps before launching
  7. Set Particle Quality to Low
  8. Turn off Nvidia Reflex if enabled

Following this checklist has resolved flickering for 3 of my buddies‘ rigs. Give it a shot and let me know if it works for you too!

Play The Optimized Maps, Avoid The Janky

Based on my own experience grinding camo challenges, some maps exhibit way worse glitches. Museum, Mercado Las Almas, and Santa Sena Border Crossing seem particularly unoptimized. Stick to smaller maps like Shipment, Shoot House, and Granza Raid for smoother sailing.

The good news is Infinity Ward has acknowledged all these technical issues. With some patching and driver updates, the situation should improve over the next few weeks. As a long-time COD fan myself, I‘m hopeful they can address the glaring problems. The core of MW2 is so incredibly fun when it‘s running smoothly!

Let me know if you have any other issues crop up or if my troubleshooting tips help resolve problems for you. I‘m happy to lend some 1-on-1 support and optimize your setup to get your MW2 running buttery smooth. Game on!