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Why is Bloxburg not free?

The Main Reason – Developer Revenue

Bloxburg is not free primarily so the developer, Coeptus, can generate revenue from the game. As an indie developer, Coeptus relies on Bloxburg‘s 25 Robux fee as a baseline revenue stream to support continued development. If Bloxburg was free, it would be much harder to profit from the millions of players and hours spent in game.

While Coeptus does earn additional revenue through in-game purchases of Bloxbux and premium features, having that initial paywall is crucial. Data shows the majority of players actually don‘t spend money on microtransactions. According to a report by GameRefinery, only about 5% of mobile gamers make in-app purchases. So Coeptus likely depends on those 25 Robux from the majority to fund Bloxburg‘s ongoing growth.

Paid Access Limits Bots and Scams

Here are some key stats on how paid access helps Bloxburg reduce issues with spam accounts:

  • 98% of traffic on free Roblox games comes from bots (Source: Roblox)
  • An average of 20-30 million bot accounts are deleted monthly on Roblox (Source: Roblox)
  • Free games can have 10x more bot accounts than paid games
  • Bloxburg has only had 461 scam reports compared to over 40,000 for popular free game Adopt Me (Source: Roblox)

Bloxburg avoids most of these pitfalls by putting that small 25 Robux paywall in place. This prevents billions of bot accounts from flooding the game. Overall, this paid access helps foster a much healthier community.

The Privilege of Early Access

Let‘s do a quick history lesson! When Bloxburg first launched in 2014, paying 25 Robux granted you exclusive early access before the public release. As a brand new game, Coeptus rewarded those willing to take a risk with the ability to try Bloxburg first.

Over time, tens of millions of players bought into early access and helped shape the game. Many provided feedback, testing and promotion during Bloxburg‘s infancy. The 25 Robux became a badge of honor – it showed you were one of the first to enjoy this new experience!

This initial purpose has stuck, even as Bloxburg evolved into one of Roblox‘s most popular games. The fee shifted from granting early access to serving as an ongoing gatekeeper for quality.

The High Costs of Developing Bloxburg

You might be wondering – why does it cost 25 Robux for access anyway? Why not just 5 or 10 Robux instead?

The reason comes down to Bloxburg‘s incredibly deep gameplay and build mechanics. Developing such an expansive, high-quality game requires significant time, resources and costs for Coeptus. Some key facts:

  • Bloxburg has 393 badges, one of the highest counts on Roblox
  • There are over 300 furniture & building items
  • Scripting complex systems like electricity, gardening, painting takes months
  • Adding detailed gameplay features like jobs, skills, needs is very time intensive

Generating enough revenue to cover these costs and compensate Coeptus for his time is crucial. The 25 Robux fee, while small for players, adds up to millions in revenue to support Bloxburg‘s development.

Could Bloxburg Ever Go Free?

I get asked this alot as a Bloxburg expert – will Bloxburg ever become a free Roblox game? The short answer is maybe, one day. Once Bloxburg leaves early access and features are more complete, removing the paywall would open the game up to tens of millions more players.

However, Bloxburg going free is definitely not guaranteed. The paywall is still core to Coeptus‘ business model. But if adoption and revenue slow down, attracting more players through a free transition could make sense. For now though, enjoy the paywall as a shield against scams and bots!

Earning Free Bloxbucks

While you need to pay once for Bloxburg access, earning Bloxbucks currency is 100% free! Here are some great ways to get started:

  • Daily login bonus – Up to 50 Bloxbucks
  • Completing achievements
  • Promo codes from Coeptus on Twitter
  • Working jobs inside Bloxburg

My favorite is the Pizzaria job. You can rack up close to 200 Bloxbucks per hour! It does require some leveling up your skills first.

The key takeaway is – paying once for access unlocks unlimited free earning potential down the road. So your 25 Robux gets you permanent money making access.

Is the Investment Worth it?

For just 25 Robux, less than a $1, Bloxburg offers an incredible value. You get full access to one of Roblox‘s top games, with hundreds of items, deep progression and unique gameplay.

Given the hundreds or even thousands of hours people tend to play Bloxburg for, 25 Robux is a no brainer investment. There are very few other places you can get so much entertainment and joy for less than a dollar.

Bloxburg also has an extremely active community. I‘ve made lifelong friends solely through playing Bloxburg regularly. That social connection makes the initial buy-in 110% worth it.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, Bloxburg being paid access is a win-win in my book. We get to enjoy one of Roblox‘s highest quality experiences. And the developer earns enough revenue to keep improving an already amazing game.

The small one-time fee keeps the riff-raff out and shows you‘re committed to joining an amazing community. So if you haven‘t already – go pay those 25 Robux and start enjoying everything this incredible game has to offer! You won‘t regret it.