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Why is Madden 20 not currently available?

Madden NFL 20 is no longer available on EA Play or Xbox Game Pass because EA has officially retired it from those subscription services as of March 31, 2022. After about 3 years, EA typically removes older Madden titles to push engagement towards newer releases. But don‘t worry – you still have plenty of options for playing Madden 20 if you enjoy the game!

Losing Access to Madden 20

Hey friend, as a fellow gaming enthusiast I know it can be a bummer when a favorite title gets taken down. I wanted to give you the inside scoop on exactly why Madden NFL 20 was removed from EA Play and Xbox Game Pass, and also share some pro tips on how you can keep playing!

First, let‘s talk about why EA decided to sunset access to Madden 20 on these subscription services:

  • After about 3 years, less than 5% of players are still actively engaged with an older sports title like Madden.
  • Maintaining servers and providing roster updates for these older games takes resources away from improving new titles.
  • EA wants to motivate players towards buying newer releases like Madden NFL 23, driving game sales and engagement.

So in a nutshell, it comes down to dollars and cents. But don‘t fret, you still have plenty of great options for enjoying Madden 20!

How to Keep Playing Madden NFL 20

While you can no longer access Madden 20 through Xbox Game Pass or EA Play, there are a few easy ways you can keep on gaming:

Buy a Physical or Digital Copy

If you purchase Madden NFL 20 outright, either a digital download or physical disc copy will continue to work. I‘d recommend checking GameStop for used discs at a discount! Owning the full game gives you full access apart from online multiplayer.

Play Through EA/Origin Access Vault

Current EA Access (console) or Origin Access (PC) members can still download and play Madden NFL 20 for free as part of the Vault! Just make sure your membership is active.

Enjoy Offline Game Modes

You can play all of Madden 20‘s offline game modes solo, including Exhibition, Play Now, Franchise mode and more. Create customized seasons, teams, and players for endless single-player football action.

Wait for Sale Discounts

Keep an eye out for holiday promotions or storewide sales on digital platforms. I‘ve seen Madden 20 discounted by 60-70% during major sales events like Black Friday. A little patience can pay off!

Online Multiplayer and Ultimate Team

Now, for the bad news friend. Since EA shut down the servers, online multiplayer and Ultimate Team modes in Madden NFL 20 are no longer accessible. That means no head-to-head online matches or trading players/items in Ultimate Team. Bummer!

But offline modes offer a ton of value and replayability on their own. And who knows – maybe EA will revive the servers down the road or launch some nostalgic "throwback" event! We can dream, right?

The Bottom Line

Losing online access for an older title always stings. But with a physical or digital copy you can continue enjoying Madden 20 for years to come. And as a fellow budget-conscious gamer, I highly recommend checking for used discs or waiting for a digital sale. Trust me, with all of the offline single-player and couch co-op options, Madden 20 provides endless entertainment!

Hopefully these tips help you keep on gaming with Madden NFL 20. Let me know if you have any other questions! Happy Madden season.