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Why Multiverse Isn‘t Free Yet – A Detailed Guide to the Upcoming F2P Launch

If you‘re wondering why the highly anticipated platform fighter MultiVersus isn‘t free-to-play yet, you‘re not alone. While the open beta is free and gives you access to much of the content, the full free-to-play launch isn‘t until early 2024. Here‘s a detailed overview explaining when and how MultiVersus will really go free-to-play for everyone.

The Open Beta Isn‘t the Full Free Version

Right now MultiVersus is in an open beta test running until June 2023. This lets anyone try the game out early by downloading it on all platforms. But keep in mind this isn‘t the permanent, free-to-play release yet.

The developers have stated clearly that the full launch as a free title will happen in early 2024 after the open beta concludes. So don‘t worry, the entire MultiVersus experience isn‘t going to stay behind a paywall! But you‘ll have to wait just a little longer until next year.

What Content Is Free in the Beta?

The open beta gives you free access to tutorial modes, online multiplayer, and a rotating cast of 5-6 free characters that changes weekly. You can unlock additional characters through gameplay or buy them outright. Your account progress will carry over when it transitions to fully free.

Here‘s a quick overview of what‘s free during the beta test:

  • Online 2v2 matches, 1v1 matches, and 4 player free-for-all
  • Tutorial modes to learn the basics
    -Rotation of 5-6 free characters out of the 19 current fighters
  • Ability to unlock additional characters through missions
  • Founder‘s Packs to purchase characters and cosmetics

The devs have done a solid job providing a fun taste of MultiVersus for free in the beta. But you‘re limited compared to when it will be free-to-play permanently.

How Much Does MultiVersus Cost Right Now?

Since it‘s not fully free yet, what kind of real money investments does MultiVersus currently require if you want everything available? Here‘s a breakdown:

  • Individual characters: $5-10 each if buying with Gleamium
  • Whole roster: $40 for Founder‘s Pack with all characters
  • Most expensive cosmetic set: $15 for character skins

Compared to other fighting game DLC pricing, these Founder‘s Packs and content bundles aren‘t unreasonable. But it‘s a very different value proposition once the game becomes totally free-to-play next year.

For example, based on leaks the upcoming character Black Adam will cost 3000 gold or about $10 worth of Gleamium if you don‘t want to grind gold in-game through missions and level-ups. But after full launch, playing regularly for 1-2 weeks will earn you enough gold to unlock him for free.

When Does MultiVersus Go Fully Free-to-Play?

The open beta period will run until June 2023. The developer has stated that MultiVersus will then relaunch as a free-to-play title across all platforms in early 2024.

This means the full game with all current and future characters will be playable completely for free by next year. No more character unlock costs or Founder‘s Packs required just to compete!

The launch roadmap also shows planned Season 1 content will run until May 2023. So you can expect Season 2 and beyond content to release on a free path after that full transition next year.

Is MultiVersus Worth Playing Now in the Beta?

If you don‘t want to spend any money right now, is it still worth getting into MultiVersus already during the open beta test? Absolutely!

Here‘s why you should start playing MultiVersus today even as a free player:

  • It‘s wildly fun with tons of content you can access without paying.
  • You‘ll learn the game deeply and be ahead of the curve for full launch.
  • Account progress carries over so you‘ll keep everything earned.
  • Unlocks now will still be free compared to real money prices.
  • The roster will likely double in size by 2024 so experiencing the starting cast is worthwhile.
  • It‘s a great casual party game to play with friends for free.
  • There are Twitch drops and missions that provide free characters and cosmetics.

While the free-to-play promise won‘t be fully fulfilled until next year, diving into MultiVersus right now during the beta lets you get a great head start. Just set your expectations that not absolutely everything will be unlocked for free yet.

Is MultiVersus Pay to Win Right Now?

A common concern players have with games that offer characters and cosmetics for real money is whether it creates a "pay to win" environment. Especially in the fighting game genre where skill determines victory, not power levels.

So will paying players have an advantage in MultiVersus over those sticking to the free character rotation?

Thankfully, the gameplay itself shows no signs of being pay to win so far. The strongest top tier characters seem available in the free roster. No characters are objectively better – just suited for different playstyles.

However, having your preferred fighter locked unless you pay is frustrating. And not having the versatility of a large roster limits strategies. So while skill conquers all in MultiVersus, buying access to more characters does confer an advantage.

But take comfort that the full free version next year will eliminate any pay to win perception. Plus, you can unlock a good chunk of characters now just by playing. It just takes more persistence as a free player at this stage.

Key Takeaways on MultiVersus Going Free-to-Play

Here are the key points to remember about MultiVersus launching as a free-to-play game:

  • The full free version isn‘t available until the open beta ends in early 2024.
  • You can play much of the content now in open beta without paying.
  • Buying the Founder‘s Pack for $40 unlocks all current characters.
  • Additional characters can be purchased for $5-10 worth of Gleamium.
  • Playing missions and leveling up earns gold to buy characters for free over time.
  • No egregious pay to win elements, but buying characters does have advantages.
  • It‘s absolutely worth starting now for free to get a big head start. Just need patience with unlocks.
  • The entire MultiVersus experience will eventually be free including all future content updates.

Stick with MultiVersus through the beta test to build your skills for the full free launch. Have fun fighting against iconic characters without breaking the bank! The free-to-play promise is coming if you can wait just a little longer.