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Why is MW2 Freezing on PS4 and How to Fix It

Hey friend! If you‘ve landed on this page, I‘m guessing you‘ve been dealing with the incredibly frustrating issue of MW2 freezing repeatedly on your PS4. As a fellow gamer and streaming enthusiast, believe me I feel your pain!

Constant freezing and crashes make it impossible to enjoy MW2‘s intense multiplayer gameplay. But don‘t abandon ship just yet. After analyzing player reports and conducting technical research, I‘ve discovered several proven solutions that should get MW2 running smooth as butter on your PS4.

The Root Cause of MW2 Freezing on PS4

Before we get into the fixes, let‘s briefly discuss why MW2 is freezing in the first place. Based on reports, there seem to be a few common culprits:

  • Connection issues – MW2 relies heavily on a stable internet connection. Any latency or packet loss can halt the game.
  • Hardware constraints – MW2 taxes the PS4 hardware. Overheating and outdated drivers can cause freezes.
  • Game bugs – Like any new release, MW2 has early bugs that need patching.
  • Corrupted data – Glitched game files or cache errors will cause trouble.

So in summary, the freezing stems either from network and hardware problems on your end, or buggy code issues on Activision‘s end. Luckily both can be fixed!

Internet Connection Tips and Tools

MW2 sends a constant stream of data between your PS4 and Activision‘s servers. Any hiccup or latency spike in your internet connection can interrupt the data flow and freeze up the game.

To benchmark your network connection, run a speed test at a site like You‘ll want speeds of at least 15 Mbps download and 2 Mbps upload. If your speed test results are consistently lower, contact your ISP about upgrading your internet plan.

For the most stable connection, use a wired ethernet connection between your PS4 and router rather than relying on wi-fi. This eliminates interference. If wired isn‘t practical, make sure your PS4 is in close proximity to your wireless router or mesh networking satellites.

Temporary network hiccups can also cause freezing, so run regular speed tests. I recommend the app Internet Speed Monitor for PS4 to track your connection live and warn about drops. A bad router can be the cause too, so firms like PingPlotter can help identify equipment issues.

Updating Drivers and Hardware Tweaks

Like any gaming PC, keeping your PS4‘s hardware drivers and firmware updated is vital for stability and preventing freezes.

For your PS4 system software, make sure you‘ve installed the latest system update under Settings > System Software Update. Also check for new updates to your PS4 controller by connecting it with a USB cable while on the home screen.

Next, make sure your PS4 is properly ventilated and has room to breathe. Overheating can definitely cause MW2 to freeze. Give it space so airflow can prevent overheating. An external cooling fan accessory can also help if your PS4 tends to run hot.

Finally, shut down any other apps and games running in the background before launching Modern Warfare 2. Too many processes creates resource contention, leaving less RAM and GPU power for MW2.

Cleaning up MW2‘s Cache and Files

As you play MW2 for hours on end, your PS4 caches and compiles game data like graphics and maps. Over time, this cached data can get bloated and corrupted. Cleaning it forces a fresh start.

Go to Settings > Storage > Cached Data > Modern Warfare 2 and delete the cache. Then launch MW2 again while connected online so it can recompile fresh files. This wipes any glitched cached data that may be causing freezes.

If that doesn’t work, your last resort is deleting and fully re-installing MW2. This will completely refresh the game files in case some are corrupted – essentially a factory reset.

First delete MW2 under Settings > Storage > Games and Apps > Modern Warfare 2. Then insert your MW2 disc or re-download it from the PlayStation Store. Let the entire huge game file install and update before playing.

Configuring MW2 In-Game Settings

Believe it or not, the graphical settings you choose within MW2 can also impact stability and freezing. Higher resolutions, detail levels, shadows and post-processing effects looks great, but require way more GPU horsepower from your PS4.

If freezing persists even after the other tweaks, try reducing your in-game video settings for a smoother experience:

  • Lower resolution from 4K to 1440p or 1080p.
  • Disable ray tracing if enabled.
  • Turn off depth of field, ambient occlusion, anti-aliasing.
  • Set textures, details, shadows to normal or low.

Tweaking these graphics options reduces the strain on your PS4 so frames render more consistently without overload freezing. You can incrementally turn settings back up until you find the sweet spot of max fidelity with no freezing.

There you have it – a comprehensive guide to banishing those pesky MW2 freezes on PS4 for good. Let me know if you have any other questions! Now get back in the game and lead your squad to victory. See you online!