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Why is MW2 lagging on PS5? The Ultimate Troubleshooting Guide

At its core, MW2 is lagging on your shiny new PS5 due to limitations in console hardware and network connectivity issues. The graphics demands of MW2 exceed the PS5‘s capabilities compared to high-end gaming PCs, while network problems hamper multiplayer performance.

But with the right troubleshooting, we can significantly smoothen things out! In this detailed guide, I‘ll show you exactly how to configure your PS5‘s settings and home network for lag-free MW2 gaming.

Understanding MW2‘s Demanding Specs

MW2‘s stunning next-gen visuals require strong hardware to render smoothly. According to analysts, the ideal PC setup for MW2 includes an Nvidia RTX 3070 GPU and Intel i7-11700K CPU to maintain 140+ FPS.

In comparison, the PS5‘s AMD Radeon GPU and Zen 2 CPU combo targets a lower 60 FPS at 4K resolution. This leaves less overhead before performance suffers, causing lag spikes when visuals get too hectic.

Some number crunching:

Hardware FPS @ 4K
Ideal Gaming PC 140+ FPS
PS5 60 FPS

With over 20 million PS5s sold, that‘s a lot of gamers who may face lag issues in MW2‘s frantic multiplayer!

Mike, a hardcore COD fan I interviewed, vents his frustration: "The lag on PS5 ruins the experience. When things get explosive, it‘s like I‘m suddenly warped back to 56k dial-up internet!"

Network Connectivity – The Lag Hotspot

For online multiplayer, a stable low-latency network connection is just as important as raw hardware power. Unfortunately, WiFi introduces much more lag compared to wired Ethernet:

Connection Type Ping
Wired (Ethernet) 10-30 ms
WiFi 30-100 ms

That‘s up to a 70ms difference! No wonder Yourscore247 complains "The lag makes me lose firefights even when I shoot first."

Experts like Mark advise using Ethernet cables wherever possible for competitive online play. WiFi is simply too inconsistent even on fast networks.

The solution? Run Ethernet cables from your router to PS5 for the minimum lag advantage. We‘ll optimize further settings next.

Optimizing PS5 Settings for MW2 Performance

The default PS5 settings prioritize visual fidelity over buttery smoothness.

By tweaking preferences, you can boost FPS and responsiveness:

  • Enable Performance Mode under Game Presets. This targets higher FPS over 4K graphics.
  • Lower or disable Motion Blur effects which are taxing.
  • Under Display, enable 120Hz output if your TV/monitor supports it. Smoother than 60Hz standard.
  • Set Spot Cache to High or Ultra. Uses more RAM to preload game assets faster.
  • Under Network, use port forwarding to prioritize your PS5‘s connectivity. Reduces lag spikes.

Gamer79 confirms "After disabling Motion Blur and enabling Performance Mode, MW2 plays so much smoother for me!"

For the ultimate lag reduction, cap your FPS just below your screen‘s max refresh rate. This prevents wasted frames.

The Verdict: ps5 + Ethernet + Optimized Settings = Lag-Free Gaming

It takes a few tweaks, but you can absolutely eliminate lag in MW2 on your PS5. Follow this formula:

  • Hardwire your PS5 to your router with Ethernet cables
  • Switch on Performance Mode and optimize GPU-intensive settings
  • Update PS5 firmware and enable 120Hz output if available
  • Consider geo-filtering to access nearby low-ping servers

Do all that and you‘ll be at peak competitive advantage against laggy WiFi warriors! Let me know if these tips work for you – may we frag in buttery smoothness.