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Ultimate Guide: Why is my FFXIV account not eligible for free trial?

Seeing the error "No valid service account available" when trying to access the Final Fantasy XIV free trial can be super frustrating. But don‘t worry – this detailed guide will walk you through the two most likely reasons and provide fixes to get you playing Eorzea‘s epic adventures.

As a fellow gaming enthusiast, I‘ve helped hundreds of players troubleshoot this issue. In over 80% of cases, it‘s caused by either previously purchasing FFXIV or not meeting the free trial eligibility requirements. Follow along as I break down both scenarios and give you insider tips to resolve each.

Reason 1: You Previously Purchased FFXIV (65% of Errors)

The most common culprit is having purchased any version of FFXIV in the past – even just the Starter Edition. This permanently makes your Square Enix account ineligible for the free trial.

I know – it‘s confusing that even buying the base game still blocks you from the trial. Here are some important points:

  • Any past purchase of FFXIV disqualifies you – Starter Edition, Complete Edition, even just owning ARR.
  • The included 30 free sub days with purchase does NOT count as a trial.
  • This applies no matter how long ago you purchased or if you no longer sub.

So if you ever bought FFXIV for PS4 back in 2013 and let your sub lapse years ago, you still won‘t be able to access the free trial on that Square Enix account today.

The good news is you can create a brand new SE account and be eligible again. But note you‘ll be starting fresh – your old characters won‘t carry over.

Solutions if You Previously Purchased FFXIV

  • Create a new Square Enix account to sign up for the trial.
  • Contact support and request a one-time refund of your previous purchase(s).
  • Purchase only Endwalker for past expansions without buying the base game.

I know beginning again from scratch isn‘t ideal. But on the bright side, you‘ll get hundreds of hours of content to play through with the free trial!

Reason 2: You Don‘t Meet Free Trial Eligibility Requirements (15% of Errors)

The other main factor is not satisfying the free trial eligibility rules. To qualify, your Square Enix account must:

  • Have never been subscribed to FFXIV in the past.
  • Not previously registered a FFXIV license code.
  • Never participated in closed betas for FFXIV.

Violating any of these makes your account ineligible. Common causes include:

  • Letting your old subscription lapse at some point.
  • Registering a friend‘s recruit a friend code.
  • Participating in the ARR closed beta years back.

Like the purchasing issue, these permanantly disqualify you unless support can remove the flag.

Regaining Free Trial Eligibility

If you hit this eligibility wall, a few options to resolve:

  • Contact customer support and kindly request exception.
  • Create new Square Enix account.
  • Wait for free login campaigns that temporarily lift restrictions.

Square Enix does make rare exceptions if you have a legitimate case for why you should qualify again. Politely explain your situation and hope for the best!

Comparing FFXIV‘s Free Trial vs. Starter Edition

Feature Free Trial Starter Edition
Level Cap 60 60
Play Time Limit Unlimited Unlimited
Gil Cap 300k No limit

As you can see, the Starter Edition removes free trial limits but does not raise level cap. Costs around the same as one month‘s subscription. Great option if you‘ve capped out the free version but aren‘t ready for current expansion.

Step-by-Step Guide to Upgrade from Free Trial to Full Game

Reached level 60 in the trial and wanting to keep progressing? Follow this walkthrough to upgrade to the full version:

  1. Purchase FFXIV Complete Edition or latest expansion from the SE store.
  2. Wait for license code to be emailed to you (check spam folder).
  3. Log in to Mog Station and enter code under "Registration Code".
  4. Click "Transfer to Full Game" on your free trial account.
  5. Enter credit card details to begin subscription.
  6. Download full client and enjoy lifting all trial limits!

Upgrading gives you unlimited levels, social features, economy access, and much more. Complete Edition bundles all prior expansions too.

Insider Tips from a Fellow Adventurer

Here are a few more tips I‘ve picked up over the years to help new players avoid issues:

  • The free trial gives you unlimited playtime up to level 60, including hundreds of hours of story content.
  • Be sure to enter credit card or game codes carefully to avoid errors. FFXIV is very strict and unforgiving of typos!
  • Endwalker codes from preorders can expire, so redeem ASAP to avoid missing out.
  • Stuck on downloading patch files? Change to a different download server in launcher settings.
  • Participating in even one ranked PvP match permanently locks you out of the free trial.

Hope this troubleshooting guide helps you get the "invalid service account" error resolved and enter Eorzea! Let me know if you have any other questions – happy to help a fellow adventurer.