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Why is Persona 5 Royal so Expensive on Steam?

Persona 5 Royal‘s $60 USD asking price on Steam gives pause to interested PC gamers. As an expanded version of the acclaimed PlayStation exclusive Persona 5, why is this celebrated JRPG port so highly priced for the PC market? Let‘s take a deeper look at the factors behind the pricing and whether it‘s justified.

It‘s Packed with Content and Production Value

Persona 5 Royal is considered one of the pinnacles of modern turn-based JRPGs, providing an immersive 100+ hour gameplay experience. This includes:

  • Stylish anime-inspired graphics brought to life at 60 FPS
  • Slick user interface with elegant menus/HUD
  • Fully voiced English and Japanese dialogue
  • New confidant characters and a third semester storyline
  • Revamped palaces, boss fights, and gameplay mechanics
  • Acclaimed musical soundtrack with over 100 songs

All of this high-quality content comes at a significant development cost. Persona 5 Royal is estimated to have a production budget of over $10 million when factoring in salaries, QA testing, marketing, etc. For context, that‘s more than many major Hollywood films!

Porting Complexity Adds Costs

Bringing such a content-rich JRPG to PC introduces porting complexities that add to the pricing considerations. Atlus would need to spend resources on:

  • Optimizing and testing across countless PC hardware configurations
  • Implementing flexible graphics settings and high framerate support
  • Localization and licensing for a global Steam release
  • Developer fees and revenue shares for the Steam platform

These efforts require significant upfront investments. With P5R retailing for $60, the publisher can recoup costs on a premium release appealing to dedicated series fans first.

How Does the Price Stack Up?

Looking at other comparable games shows that Persona 5 Royal is very fairly priced:

Final Fantasy XV $49.99
Dragon Quest XI $59.99
Tales of Arise $59.99

In fact, according to Steam user reviews, Persona 5 Royal is higher quality and content than these Square Enix RPGs. With a 98% positive rating, the consensus is clear – P5R deserves its full asking price.

Discounts Will Come

Have patience, fellow Phantom Thieves! As an eagerly anticipated JRPG port, Atlus priced Persona 5 Royal as a premium title out the gate. But you can expect discounts between 20-30% during major Steam sales in the future.

For JRPG fans eager to experience this genre masterpiece, I‘d say Persona 5 Royal justifies the $60 entry fee. But sticking to your thriftier instincts for a sale will certainly pay off too!