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Why isn‘t Battlefield 2042 free?

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Battlefield 2042 is not free because Electronic Arts and DICE have chosen to stick with an upfront purchase model for now rather than making the game free-to-play. However, there are discounts available and rumors that Battlefield 2042 could shift to a F2P model in the future. Let‘s take an in-depth look at the pricing, analysis on the logic behind why it‘s not free yet, and predictions on if Battlefield 2042 will ever go the free-to-play route.

Upfront Purchase Required

Unlike Call of Duty: Warzone and other leading FPS games that have embraced free-to-play, Battlefield 2042 still requires paying an upfront cost to play the standard edition on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. According to the official Battlefield 2042 website, the Standard Edition is $59.99 on PC and $69.99 on console. There is no way to play the full Battlefield 2042 experience for free currently. You must purchase the Standard Edition to gain unlimited access.

Limited Free Trials Available

While Battlefield 2042 isn‘t completely free, EA has offered some temporary free trial periods for players to test it out. EA Play subscribers can access a 10 hour free trial of Battlefield 2042‘s Standard Edition. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members also get full access to the Standard Edition as part of their subscription benefits. However, keep in mind these free trials end if you cancel your EA Play or Xbox Game Pass membership.

EA Play and Xbox Game Pass Free Trial Details

  • EA Play – 10 hour Battlefield 2042 trial for $4.99/month subscription
  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate – Full Battlefield 2042 access included with $14.99/month subscription
  • Trials only last while subscription is active
  • Does not grant ownership of Battlefield 2042

So while helpful for testing Battlefield 2042 out, these subscriptions do not provide permanent free access like a true free-to-play model would.

Logical Reasons Battlefield 2042 Isn‘t Free-to-Play Yet

According to video game industry experts, there are a few logical reasons why Electronic Arts is holding off on making Battlefield 2042 free-to-play so far:

Recouping Development Costs

As a major AAA release, Battlefield 2042 had a massive development budget estimated at over $500 million according to Bloomberg. EA likely wants to recoup these costs before going free.

Avoid Devaluing the Battlefield Brand

Going free-to-play too soon could signal weakness and undermine future premium Battlefield titles. EA doesn‘t want to devalue the IP.

Waiting to Improve the Game

With a rocky launch and criticism around bugs, content, and missing features, EA may want to improve Battlefield 2042 before shifting to a free model.

Testing Demand with Free Trial Periods

The limited free trials via EA Play and Xbox Game Pass allow EA to assess demand before fully committing to free-to-play.

Industry Trends Towards Free-to-Play

Looking at wider industry trends, many analysts believe it‘s inevitable Battlefield 2042 will go free-to-play eventually:

  • 83% of worldwide digital games revenue in 2021 was from free-to-play titles according to IDG Consulting.
  • Other major FPS franchises like Call of Duty, Halo, and Apex Legends have adopted free-to-play models.
  • Allows games to reach a wider audience and drive ongoing spending.

So while not free yet, large market forces seem to be pushing Battlefield 2042 in the free-to-play direction over the long term.

Predicting When Battlefield 2042 Goes Free-to-Play

Based on insider leaks and assessing EA‘s strategic interests, here is my prediction for when Battlefield 2042 will most likely make the shift to free-to-play:

Release of Season 3 Content (Early 2023)

Noted industry insider Tom Henderson suggests BF2042 will go free-to-play in early 2023. This lines up with the expected release of major Season 3 content updates improving the game. Releasing a big content update alongside a free-to-play shift makes strategic sense for driving interest and new players.

Getting Battlefield 2042 for Cheap Now

If you don‘t want to wait for Battlefield 2042 to go free-to-play, here are some tips for getting it at a discount now:

Wait for Sales

Periodic sales on Origin, Steam, PSN and Xbox Store often drop Battlefield 2042‘s price 30-50%. Adding it to your wishlist can alert you to deals.

Buy a Used Disc Copy

Checking sites like eBay can find used disc copies of Battlefield 2042 for under $30 on many occasions. Just be sure to buy from reputable sellers.

Game Share with a Friend

On console, Xbox and PlayStation have game sharing features that let you access a friend‘s digital games. Splitting the cost can save money.

Utilize EA Play 10-Hour Trial

An EA Play subscription gives 10 hours of playtime for only $4.99 a month. Lets you experience a good chunk of BF2042 on the cheap.

Weighing Whether to Buy Battlefield 2042 Now

For players on the fence, deciding whether to purchase Battlefield 2042 now or wait for the eventual free-to-play shift comes down to a few key factors:

State of the Game Now

Battlefield 2042 has improved since its rocky launch according to recent reviews, but still has a mixed reception. Lacking content and some legacy features fans enjoy.

Your Budget

If money is tight, waiting for free-to-play makes sense. But if you have the budget, discounts can make the upfront cost palatable.

Interest in Large-Scale Warfare

Battlefield 2042 undoubtedly delivers massive, epic warfare. If that gameplay deeply appeals to you, getting it while population is healthier may be appealing.

Overall there are decent arguments for acquiring Battlefield 2042 now or waiting for the inevitable free-to-play shift. Choose the path that best aligns with your budget, gaming interests, and patience. Hope this guide gave you some helpful perspective! Feel free to reach out if you have any other Battlefield 2042 related questions.