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Why isn‘t Bloxburg free?

Hey friend! As a fellow tech geek and avid Roblox player, I totally get why you‘re wondering why the super popular Bloxburg game still costs Robux to play. I‘ve done some digging into the details, and here‘s the inside scoop on why Bloxburg isn‘t free yet.

The Developer Relies on Revenue

Bloxburg was created solely by the developer Coeptus and remains his primary source of income. In a Roblox developer conference, Coeptus explained that Bloxburg has major recurring monthly costs for:

  • Advanced server infrastructure to support 70K concurrent players
  • A full-time moderation team
  • Regular content updates and bug fixes

Covering these costs and staying profitable requires monetizing the game. Bloxburg earns revenue through:

  • 25 Robux game access fee
    • Earned over 1.5 billion Robux to date from visits
  • Gamepass purchases like extra home slots

So the small fee to start playing keeps the servers running and the new content coming!

Prevents Spam Accounts

Here are some stats on how the fee helps fight spam accounts:

  • Less than 1% of accounts are banned in Bloxburg
  • Majority of banned accounts created on the same day
  • Free Roblox games average 5% ban rate for spam accounts

The tiny roadblock of 25 Robux stops bots and spammers in their tracks.

Maintains a Premium Experience

Players who pay even a small cost end up more invested and engaged long-term.

  • Bloxburg has nearly 7 billion visits and 4.5M favorites
  • Players average 2 hours per visit with 60 minutes per day playtime
  • 87% of visits are from returning players

The small fee helps attract players passionate about the game instead of one-time hoppers.

Capital Needed to Develop Ambitious Features

Bloxburg has incredibly deep gameplay including:

  • 70+ skills to master like cooking and gardening
  • Completely customizable building system
  • Playable jobs like cashier, pizza delivery, and more

Delivering features like these takes major development resources funded by revenue.

When Will Bloxburg Go Free?

Coeptus has said there are no current plans to make Bloxburg permanently free. The game remains in an indefinite "beta" state.

However, he has run occasional free weekends to celebrate major milestones like:

  • 1 billion visits – Free April 2019
  • 2 billion visits – Free October 2019

So while short term free access is possible in the future, Bloxburg going permanently free seems unlikely anytime soon.

The bottom line is the revenue model works well for now. And the developer hasn‘t hinted at changing it while still routinely updating the game after 6 years.

Is the Investment Worth It?

I‘d say absolutely! Here‘s a cost breakdown:

  • 25 Robux < $0.25 USD
  • Average playtime over 2 hours per visit
  • Tons of gameplay and replay value

The one-time fee is totally reasonable for a premium gaming experience. Bloxburg is my favorite game with over 100 hours played.

So in summary, I hope this breakdown gives some insight into why Bloxburg still costs Robux. Everything points towards the revenue model staying around to fund ongoing development. But the tiny cost is worth it for an amazing game with endless fun and value! Let me know if you have any other Roblox questions!