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Why Isn‘t Hallow Free? An In-Depth Guide to Hallow‘s Pricing and Subscriptions

Why Hallow Chose a Paid Subscription Model

Many users wonder – if Hallow is a Catholic prayer app, why don‘t they make it free for everyone? The founders shared that their mission was to create an ad-free space focused solely on prayer, without distractions or financial concerns.

Charging a subscription fee allowed Hallow to deliver the highest quality, ad-free content to users while sustaining their startup costs. As a business, operating fully for free simply wasn‘t feasible. But they ensured the app itself was free to download, with options like free trials and student discounts to make it accessible.

Breakdown of Hallow‘s Free vs Paid Content

Here‘s a detailed look at everything included in Hallow‘s free and paid versions:

Free Hallow App

  • Limited library of prayers and meditations
  • Bedtime stories under "Sleep" section
  • Progress tracking features
  • Offline mode to download some content

Hallow Plus ($69.99/year subscription)

  • Complete prayer library with over 1000 sessions
  • Exclusive programs like Bible in a Year
  • Downloads for unlimited offline listening
  • Advanced analytics and progress tracking
  • Bonus content like lecture series and music
  • Ongoing support materials

Based on over 32,000 5-star reviews, users overwhelmingly recommend the paid version to experience Hallow‘s full suite of high-quality audio content and features.

By The Numbers: Hallow‘s User Base and Growth

Since launching in 2018, Hallow has experienced impressive growth:

  • Over 5 million total downloads worldwide across iOS and Android
  • Over 1 million monthly active users
  • Doubled revenue and user base in 2021
  • 70% of users actively use Hallow every day
  • Avg. user session is 25 minutes, totaling over 1 billion minutes of prayer monthly

This tremendous growth demonstrates the demand for Hallow‘s paid offering. The app has struck a chord among Catholics seeking to improve their prayer life through technology.

Who‘s Behind Hallow and How It Started

Alex Jones is the CEO and co-founder of Hallow. Along with friends Alessandro DiSanto and Erich Kerekes, Jones sought to create an app to make deep prayer and meditation accessible to everyone.

Jones was raised Catholic but drifted away from his faith as a teen. In his late 20s, he rediscovered spirituality through practicing mindfulness techniques. He realized technology could help Catholics build prayer into their busy modern lives.

The founders believed that "no one should have to think about money while they pray." This inspired their mission to keep Hallow focused solely on prayer without disruptive ads or constant donation requests.

Getting Access to Hallow for Free

While Hallow Plus requires a paid subscription, there are a few ways you can access it for free:

1. Free Trials

  • Hallow offers new users a 7-day free trial of the full app by entering your payment information. This provides free access for a week.
  • Some parishes and schools provide extended 3-month free trials with promotional codes. Check with your church or university.

2. Family Plans

  • Hallow Family Plans allow up to 6 household members to share one subscription, granting free access to dependents.

3. Student Discounts

  • Verified students get 80% off Hallow Plus, reducing the yearly price from $69.99 to only $13.99.

Avoiding Free Trial Abuse

While some users try to continuously create new accounts to re-use free trials, Hallow‘s terms prohibit this practice and could result in suspended accounts.

As Father Mike Schmitz shared, the founders aim to be good stewards and use resources responsibly. Rather than exploiting promotions, they encourage supporting the app financially if you find value in the prayer experience.

Cancelling Your Paid Hallow Subscription

You can easily cancel a paid Hallow Plus subscription directly through your phone‘s app store settings. Just remember to disable auto-renew at least 24 hours before your renewal date.

On Android:

  1. Open the Google Play Store
  2. Tap Menu > Subscriptions
  3. Select Hallow > Cancel Subscription

On iPhone:

  1. Go to Settings > iTunes & App Store
  2. Tap your Apple ID > Manage > Subscriptions
  3. Select Hallow > Cancel Subscription

Your account and progress stay saved even if you unsubscribe, so you can always resubscribe later!

In Summary

Hallow chose a paid model to deliver an ad-free, distraction-free prayer app that could sustain their startup costs. While free trials, family plans, and student discounts make Hallow accessible, the founders believe supporting it financially enables them to positively impact more lives. As their tremendous growth shows, millions agree it‘s worth the investment for quality spiritual content.