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Why Sonic Team Doesn’t Think Pixel Art Is Viable for the Future of Sonic

Sonic fans may not be getting their hopes up for another Sonic Mania-style game in the future, at least according to the head of Sonic Team, Takashi Iizuka. In an interview with Games Radar at Gamescom, Iizuka expressed his thoughts on the future of Sonic and the importance of maintaining both 2D and 3D Sonic games.

Iizuka emphasized the need to have both modern 3D Sonic games and classic 2D Sonic games as the fundamental pillars of the Sonic brand. While he acknowledged the expansion of Sonic into movies and TV, he believed that having both 2D and 3D games was crucial for their gaming audience.

Last year's Sonic Frontiers introduced the open zone concept, which Iizuka considers the foundation for future Sonic games. In the interview, he stated that Frontiers solidified 3D Sonic gameplay as something they can build on for the next 10-20 years, providing new gameplay experiences for players.

However, when it comes to 2D games, Iizuka doesn't see pixel art as a viable art style for the future of Sonic. The upcoming game, Sonic Superstars, is described as an evolution of the 2D Sonic gameplay, but it will feature 3D character models and environments in a 2D perspective.

Iizuka explained that while pixel art is great, he doesn't believe it will be a viable art style or presentation for players in the next 10-20 years. The goal of Sonic Team is to create content that continues to evolve and advance over time. The decision to move away from pixel art is disappointing for fans of Sonic Mania, which successfully captured the iconic look of the original Mega Drive games.

Sonic Superstars offers a more elaborate visual style with modern effects, but it still retains the charm of the classic Sonic sidescroller. However, some fans may be concerned about the game's co-operative multiplayer, as it has been criticized for its fundamental flaws.

In conclusion, Sonic Team, led by Takashi Iizuka, believes that pixel art is not a viable option for the future of Sonic. While this may disappoint fans of Sonic Mania, the focus will be on evolving and creating new content for the franchise in the coming years.

Source: Games Radar (interview with Takashi Iizuka at Gamescom)