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Why Sony Should Revive PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale for PS5

In 2012, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale was met with mixed reception and average sales, leaving little hope for a sequel. However, with the release of the PS5 in 2023, a new installment of the game could be a success.

The original game received criticism for its design, which resembled Super Smash Bros but fell short in execution. The character roster also faced backlash for including fighters like Big Daddy from BioShock and Dante from Devil May Cry, which seemed out of place. Sony's attempt to attract Nintendo's loyal fanbase appeared desperate and misguided.

However, despite its flaws, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale had its moments of brilliance. The mismatched roster allowed for obvious differentiation in the characters' playstyles, making it visually engaging. The absence of death pits made it accessible to non-gamers, while its unique scoring system appealed to new players.

Sony's decision to sever ties with developer SuperBot Entertainment shortly after the game's launch due to poor sales indicated its one-off nature. The game struggled to meet expectations, with fans clamoring for missing characters like Crash Bandicoot. Nonetheless, the potential for a sequel to redeem the franchise remained.

The timing of the original game was unfortunate, as it coincided with a period when fighting game popularity was declining. However, the landscape has since changed, with the fighting game community thriving and becoming firmly established in gaming culture. Sony's acquisition of EVO and the launch of PlayStation's Competition Center demonstrates the genre's resurgence.

Furthermore, the gaming industry's evolution with live-service updates and streaming platforms like Game Pass and PS Plus presents new opportunities for games like PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale 2 to gain traction. The success of similar games, such as Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Nickelodeon All-Stars, and Guilty Gear -Strive-, indicates a growing interest in the genre.

Sony's improved corporate image and a larger, more vocal fanbase also contribute to the potential success of a sequel. Rather than being accused of copying Nintendo, Sony would be seen as building its own PlayStation Studios brand, leveraging its established fanbase. The company's ability to weather criticism would allow it to take risks and create a game that pushes boundaries.

In conclusion, the release of a new PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale for the PS5 could be a triumph. With changes in the gaming industry and Sony's improved position, a sequel has the potential to resonate with players and reinvigorate the franchise.