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Why Won‘t Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Work on My PS4?

Hey friend! If you‘re having issues getting Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 to run properly on your PS4, you‘re not alone. As an avid gamer myself, I totally understand how frustrating it can be when a highly anticipated new release doesn‘t work right out of the gate.

Not to worry – in this guide, I‘ll break down the most common MW2 problems reported by PS4 players and walk you through all the best troubleshooting steps to get the game running smooth. With a few tweaks and fixes, you‘ll be racking up killstreaks and enjoying Modern Warfare 2 in no time!

Let‘s Start with the Basics: Update, Restart, Reinstall

First things first, make sure your PS4 and MW2 are fully updated with the latest patches. Navigate to the game in your PS4‘s menu, press "Options," and select "Check for Update" if available. Download and install any updates before launching the game. Early patches fix a ton of bugs and glitches that cause crashes, freezes, and other issues.

Next, a simple restart can work wonders! Completely power down your PS4, unplug it for 60 seconds, then boot back up. This refresh clears any background clutter bogging down performance.

If that doesn‘t do the trick, deleting and re-downloading a fresh MW2 install is worth attempting to replace any corrupted files. I know reinstalling 100+GB is a big hassle, but trust me – I‘ve had it fix stubborn freezing and crashing problems plenty of times.

Getting Stuck Installing? Port Forward for Faster Downloads

One of the most common complaints is the installation getting stuck in an endless loop. My friend, I feel your pain…that dreadful "Copying Game Content" screen taunting you!

Here are a few tips to help speed up long MW2 installs so you can start playing ASAP:

  • Enable "Rest Mode" downloads – Your PS4 can keep installing game data when powered down. Convenient!
  • Port forward your PS4 – This opens your connection‘s ports for faster downloads. I know it sounds technical, but port forwarding is easy. Just log into your router‘s settings page, open ports 80, 443, 3478-3480 for TCP connections and 3478-3479 for UDP, assign them to your PS4‘s IP address, save changes, and boom – you‘re all set for speedier game downloads.
  • Pause any other downloads or streaming – Suspend extra apps sucking up your network bandwidth. Every megabyte counts when installing a huge game!
  • Try a wired connection – For the fastest, most reliable speeds, always go wired if possible. It avoids weaknesses and interference with Wi-Fi.

multiplayer Issues? Check Server Status and Reduce Latency

Having trouble connecting to matches? Getting lag and high ping times ruining multiplayer? Don‘t pull your hair out just yet!

  • First, check the Call of Duty Server Status page and make sure everything is operational. Server outages unfortunately happen, but are often resolved within a few hours.
  • If servers look fine, run an online speed test and make sure your own connection isn‘t suffering from network congestion or ISP throttling. Reboot your modem and router if needed.
  • Tinker with in-game network settings – Lower your bandwidth limit, increase buffer sizes, disable texture streaming. This reduces strain on your connection.
  • Try gaming during off-peak hours if possible when fewer users are competing for bandwidth. Late at night or early morning is best.
  • Geography matters too! The further you are from the match host, the higher your ping. Party up with friends closer to your region.
  • Finally, consider upgrading to fiber broadband or even 5G home internet for ultra low latency. Every millisecond counts in competitive CoD!

Optimize Graphics Settings for Playable Performance

Now for the technical stuff – wrangling Modern Warfare 2‘s graphics and performance to run smoothly on aging PS4 hardware.

Over 25% of PS4 players report framerate and visual issues. This comes down to the base PS4‘s dated CPU and poky 5400RPM hard drive. MW2 is a visually-demanding game designed primarily for current-gen consoles and high-end PCs. Getting fluid 60 FPS performance requires some compromises:

  • Lower resolutions – Drop to 900-1080p if your PS4 is trying to push 4K. Lower render resolutions significantly relieve GPU load.
  • Disable motion blur, depth of field, lens flares – These intensive post-processing effects tank framerates.
  • Turn off ray tracing – Ray tracing looks amazing but is extremely taxing for PS4 hardware. Non-essential eye candy.
  • Lock/cap framerates at 30 FPS – This forces a consistent experience and avoids wild fluctuations.
  • Adjust texture resolution and filters – Low settings prevent slow texture pop-in.
  • Reduce general shadow quality – One of the most demanding graphics options.

Now let‘s dig into the numbers:

Graphic Setting FPS Boost
Ray Tracing Off up to 20%
Motion Blur Off up to 15%
Texture Filtering Low up to 10%
Shadows Medium up to 30%
Resolution 1080p up to 20%

These tweaks maximize Modern Warfare 2‘s playability on PS4. Your mileage may vary based on model and conditions. But a solid 30 FPS is achievable!

Still Crashing? Check Temperature, Cache, Disc, and Unplug Peripherals

Game crashes and inconsistent performance can also be symptoms of overheating, corrupted cache files, or disc drive errors.

To avoid heat-related crashes, make sure your PS4 has proper ventilation clearance on all sides. Use compressed air to remove any dust buildup inside the console and heatsink. Consider re-pasting your APU with fresh thermal paste if you are tech-savvy. Maintaining temps below 75°C gives best stability.

Rebuilding your PS4 database (instructions here) clears out old fragmented cache that can lower FPS and cause crashes.

Inspect your MW2 disc for any scratches, damage, or dirt. A defective disc can fail to load textures and assets. Request a replacement if needed.

Finally, disconnect any external hard drives, controllers, and USB accessories that aren‘t vital. Too many plugged-in devices can sometimes conflict and cause stability issues.

Hopefully these tips help resolve the most stubborn PS4 issues with Modern Warfare 2. Enjoy the epic campaign, polished multiplayer, and stay frosty out there! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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