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Wildlands: A Thrilling Survival Game with Endless Exploration

Wildlands is an upcoming survival game that promises to deliver an exhilarating experience for players who enjoy games like Ark or The Forest. While it may not have mutant cannibals or dinosaurs, Wildlands offers a captivating journey through a beautiful yet treacherous wilderness. Whether you choose to brave the wild alone or team up with friends, the game challenges you to not only survive but also thrive among the diverse wildlife.

One of the standout features of Wildlands is its vast array of over 65 animal species from around the world. Unlike other games where animals are mere enemies, in Wildlands, you have the unique opportunity to fight alongside them. You can tame animals to carry your items and even use them as mounts. With 14 distinct biomes supporting these creatures, ranging from Arctic landscapes to tropical rainforests, the world of Wildlands is expansive and diverse.

In addition to its immersive exploration and animal interactions, Wildlands offers a comprehensive character customization system. Ahsen Games, the developer, boasts “innumerable possible combinations of physical options” to create your ideal character. Once you've crafted your identity, you'll have the chance to explore a variety of captivating locations, such as caverns, ruins, sunken ships, and temples. Each of these hidden places holds secrets and offers natural resources for you to gather and utilize.

Wildlands also features an intriguing RPG-like progression system. Players can advance their characters through more than 100 levels by completing various activities. Whether it's building, cooking, crafting, farming, or forging, there are endless opportunities for character growth and development.

While Wildlands does not have a specific release date yet, Ahsen Games anticipates a launch sometime in 2024. You can stay updated on the game's progress by adding it to your wishlist on Steam.

Beyond survival, Wildlands offers a range of cozy activities. You'll have the ability to farm and create an automated greenhouse, providing sustenance and a sense of self-sufficiency. The housing system allows for customization, with hundreds of building pieces, decorations, and interactable objects to personalize your home. Additionally, the game offers hunting, fishing, and ranching gameplay, expanding the scope of your wilderness adventures.

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– Wildlands by Ahsen Games (developer)