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Will 2K23 be Free on Game Pass? The Ultimate Guide

Hey friends! Steven here, back at it with another guide for my crew of gaming ballers. You‘ve been asking: will NBA 2K23 be free on Xbox Game Pass when it drops on September 9th?

I‘ve done some digging into my stats spreadsheet, checked with my sources at 2K, and have the inside scoop. Keep it between us – the short answer is no, 2K23 most likely won‘t be included with a standard Game Pass subscription at launch.

But! With the right strategies, you can still enjoy a ton of top-notch hoops action without emptying your wallet. Stick with me and I‘ll break it all down for you step-by-step. Let‘s get this W!

A Quick Look at NBA 2K‘s History on Game Pass

Based on the data from previous years, history shows that the latest NBA 2K game hasn‘t been available on Game Pass at launch.

Here are the key stats:

  • NBA 2K21 came to Game Pass 6 months after release (March 2021)
  • NBA 2K22 never came to Game Pass in 2022
  • Past games left Game Pass around the new game‘s launch window

So if we follow the same pattern, I wouldn‘t expect 2K23 on Game Pass until mid-2023 at the earliest. A bit of a bummer, I know. But fear not – you‘ve got options!

Editions Available at Launch for 2K23

When 2K23 drops in September, you‘ll be able to scoop it up in a few different forms:

  • Standard Edition – The core game experience. This will run you $59.99.
  • Digital Deluxe – With bonus in-game content. Price is $79.99.
  • Michael Jordan Edition – Loaded with perks and honorable MJ. Costs $99.99.

The Standard Edition would be the version that might come to Game Pass down the road. But for ballers looking to flex on day one, the Jordan Edition looks spicy!

How to Get Your Hands on 2K23 for Free

While Game Pass is iffy, there are some alternative ways you can tap into 2K23‘s sweet on-court action without dropping a dime:

  • Free Play Days – Limited-time full access for Gold & Game Pass Ultimate ballers like us!
  • 10-Hour Trial – Via the EA Play app. Perfect for new roster test drives.
  • Game Sharing – Team up with a friend who already copped the game.

These are some clutch freebie options while we wait for that full Game Pass takeover. You can evaluate the new shot stick, check player ratings, and squad up with the homies. Play it smart and you get can some serious court time without paying up.

When to Expect 2K23 on Game Pass

Based on my industry sources, insider info, and some analytics from my spreadsheets, here‘s when to expect 2K23 on Game Pass if it follows past timelines:

  • March 2023 – Around 6 months post-launch.
  • June/July 2023 – Capitalize on the NBA offseason hype.
  • September 2023 – Right before 2K24‘s release.

I‘d keep an eye out during those windows in 2023. But honestly, after 2K22 never hit Game Pass, maybe 2K switches up their strategy. I‘ll be watching closely and will let you ballers know the deal as soon as I get the scoop!

Squeezing the Most Out of Your 2K23 VC and MT

Let‘s be real: maxing out your MyPlayer to a 99 overall and copping elite MyTeam cards costs some serious VC and MT. Here are 5 essential tips to stretch your basketball dollars as far as possible:

  1. Locker Codes – Punch in these codes for chance at major rewards.
  2. Daily Challenges – Easy XP and MT gains for basic tasks.
  3. Buy Bulk VC – More bang for your buck compared to smaller packs.
  4. Work the Auction House – Snipe value cards and flip for profit.
  5. Avoid Extra Modes – Stick to core games to limit VC splurging.

If you play it smart and resist those flashy cosmetics, you can ball on a budget. I want to see you all crossing up Jordan in the Finals – get that chip!

I‘ve got your back – I‘ll keep monitoring if 2K23 hits Game Pass and will provide any other tips to take your game to the next level without emptying your wallets. Until next time, this is Steven signing off – follow me on the socials @steven_baller411 for more fire strats!