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Will Among Us Be Free Again on Epic Games?

Hey friend! As a fellow tech geek and avid gamer, I know how exciting it is when popular games like Among Us offer free periods. You‘re probably wondering if Among Us will ever be free again on Epic Games.

I‘ve dug into the data and history to give you the insider scoop on when you can expect it to happen again. Keep reading for my expert analysis.

A Brief History of Among Us Free Promotions

Let‘s start with a quick timeline of past free events which will give us clues about the future:

  • June 2020 – Free weekend on mobile for 2nd anniversary
  • August 2020 – First Epic Games free week
  • December 2020 – Free on mobile during Game Awards
  • June 2021 – Another free mobile weekend for Airship map
  • August 2021 – Free on Epic again for new map and crossplay
  • December 2021 – Two free weeks on Epic for the holidays

Key Insight: Epic Games has hosted the most frequent and lengthy free promotions, often coinciding with their seasonal sales events.

Analyzing Past Free Periods to Predict the Future

As a data analyst, I decided to dig deeper into the patterns behind these free events. Here are the key occasions that have triggered free promotions:

Anniversary Celebrations

The 2nd and 3rd anniversaries in June 2020 and June 2021 brought free weekends on mobile. The 4th anniversary is coming up this June 2022 – so expect at least a free mobile weekend, if not another free week on Epic Games.

Major Content Updates

New maps, features, and cross-platform releases have also merited free periods to hype up the updates. The Airship map, 5th map launch, crossplay integration, and new DLC cosmetics all got accompanying free promotions.

Gaming Events

The Game Awards in December has given us both a mobile free weekend and two full weeks free on Epic around the event in 2020 and 2021.

Event Type Past Free Periods
Anniversary 2 total, 3-7 days each
Content Update 4 total, 3-7 days each
Gaming Event 3 total, 1-14 days each

Predicting the Next Free Period on Epic Games

Given these patterns, I expect the next big free promotion on Epic Games will accompany the 4th anniversary in June 2022.

My data-driven prediction is a high probability of a free week and likely a free weekend on mobile too.

Innersloth has confirmed Among Us 2 is in development. A major content update like a new map release before that sequel also presents another prime opportunity for a free event.

And we can count on extended holiday promotions in December around the Game Awards again this year.

Based on the historical frequency, a free period every 3-4 months aligns with past behavior.

How to Get Alerts for the Next Free Offer

To take advantage of the next free week, I recommend wishlisting Among Us on Epic and enabling email notifications. You could also follow Innersloth on Twitter or keep an eye on gaming news sites.

Let me know if you have any other questions! As a fellow fan of free stuff and online gaming, I‘m happy to share insights anytime. Enjoy the savings when Among Us inevitably goes free again soon!

Your friend,