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Will Any Part of Battlefield 2042 Be Free?

The short answer is yes, parts of Battlefield 2042 have been temporarily free and more free play offers will likely come in the future. But currently, the only way to play Battlefield 2042 without restriction is to purchase the game.

As a fellow gaming enthusiast, I‘ve researched all the potential ways to access Battlefield 2042 for free. Keep reading and I‘ll walk you through everything, including limited-time deals, subscription options, and tips for snagging the best discounts.

Free Trial Periods

So far EA has run two free trial events for Battlefield 2042:

  • Xbox Free Play Days – From December 1-4, 2022, Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass Ultimate members could play the full game for free.
  • PlayStation Plus – Battlefield 2042 was one of the monthly PlayStation Plus games for December 2022, free for PS+ subscribers.

These free periods gave players full access to all Battlefield 2042‘s modes and maps to try out the gameplay. However, they were limited-time events, not permanent free access.

Based on EA‘s history with titles like FIFA and Madden, I expect they‘ll offer more free trial weekends or weeks in the future to coincide with major updates.

Free-to-Play Possibilities

One major question is whether Battlefield 2042 will eventually go completely free-to-play. According to industry analysts, it‘s certainly possible:

  • EA has transitioned games like Apex Legends and Star Wars Battlefront II to free-to-play models post-launch.
  • Battlefield 2042 already includes microtransactions for skins – a monetization system commonly seen in free titles.
  • Insider reports indicate EA may be weighing free-to-play to revive Battlefield 2042‘s player population.

Going free-to-play opens games up to wider audiences. Offering the multiplayer for free would let EA court players who don‘t want to buy the full $60 package.

However, EA has not officially announced or confirmed plans to make Battlefield 2042 entirely free yet. We‘ll have to wait and see if they move in that direction later in 2023.

Can You Play 2042 Without Buying It?

For those wondering how to play Battlefield 2042 right now without purchasing, there are some limited options:

  • Xbox Game Pass – Includes access to the full game on console and PC at no extra cost.
  • EA Play – Members can play a 10-hour trial to try Battlefield 2042 out.

Beyond those programs, the only way to play Battlefield 2042 unrestrained is to buy it. The Standard Edition retails for $59.99 while the Gold and Ultimate Editions include bonuses and extras.

I know coughing up $60 isn‘t always feasible. As a fellow gamer, here are some tips to save money on Battlefield 2042:

  • Watch for sales – Discounts of 50% off or more are common around holidays and events.
  • Buy pre-owned – Physical copies can often be found pre-owned for $20-30.
  • Choose discounted keys – Sites like CDKeys sell digital codes at a lower price point.

Utilizing promotions and shopping around can help land major savings, bringing Battlefield 2042‘s cost down.

Season Pass Content Will Be Free

Previously, Battlefield games monetized new content through paid season passes. However, Battlefield 2042 is taking a different approach.

Instead of Premium expansions, 2042 now gets new maps, weapons, vehicles, and more via free seasonal updates. EA has confirmed all Year 1 content for Seasons 1-4 will be free for players that own the base game.

This is a welcome change that prevents fragmenting the community across paid DLC packs. All 2042 players will be able to experience new Seasons together.

But it‘s unclear whether this free DLC model will continue after Year 1 concludes. EA could revert back to paid expansions down the road. For now though, 2042‘s content updates won‘t cost extra.

Is the Beta Still Playable?

Leading up to launch, EA held an open beta test from October 6-9, 2021. This gave fans hands-on time with modes, maps, weapons, and specialists. However, this beta is no longer accessible.

The beta was a limited-time event specifically for testing the game prior to full release. Now that 2042 is out, that test period has ended.

EA could potentially hold more beta tests in the future to demo major updates pre-launch. But the original 2042 beta is over and can no longer be played for free.

Can You Refund After Playing to Access Free?

When 2042 first launched, some players found loopholes to refund their purchase after playing for hours, essentially accessing the game for free.

But retailers have since closed those loopholes and made their refund policies more strict:

  • Steam – Refunds now limited if playtime exceeds 2 hours.
  • Consoles – Tough refund restrictions make "renting" impractical.

Now, trying to buy, play, refund, and repeat won‘t work. Retailers actively prevent this kind of abuse.

I don‘t recommend attempting this method as fraudulent refunds can get accounts permanently banned. Refunds must meet eligibility criteria – you can‘t buy to simply return after playing.

Watch for Discounts and Free Weekends

While Battlefield 2042 isn‘t free yet, sales and deals are available:

  • Already discounted 50-60% off on some platforms.
  • Likely to see steeper price cuts around holidays and events.
  • Free trial weekends will probably coincide with content updates.

As an engaged Battlefield fan, I make sure to monitor news for upcoming promotions. Some tips:

  • Check Battlefield social media for announcements.
  • Watch for EA Play member discounts in the EA app.
  • Add 2042 to your wishlist to get notified of sales.

Activating notifications and following Battlefield online makes catching deals easier. Free trial periods will come again too, letting us play for free temporarily.

I hope these tips help provide insight into what parts of Battlefield 2042 can be accessed for free currently or in the future. As a fellow gamer, I‘m happy to help you get your hands on BF2042 without overpaying. Let me know if you have any other questions!