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Will BTD6 Be Free? A Complete Guide

The Short Answer

No, BTD6 is not a free game. It is a premium tower defense title developed by Ninja Kiwi that must be purchased to play the full version on both mobile and PC. There are occasionally promotions that make BTD6 temporarily free, but the standard game requires payment.

Overview of BTD6

For those new to the series, BTD6 is the latest entry in the hugely popular Bloons TD franchise. It‘s a tower defense game where you strategically place monkey towers to pop bloons before they reach the end of the track. With each level you earn XP and unlock new upgrades, towers, and heroes.

BTD6 first launched on mobile in June 2018. The PC version arrived on Steam in December 2020. Across both platforms it has amassed over 20 million downloads.

Why BTD6 Isn‘t Free

Unlike many mobile games, BTD6 opted for a premium model rather than "freemium" approach. It costs $4.99 on the App Store and Google Play or $9.99 for the Steam version. There are no ads or pay-to-win mechanics.

This premium approach has three big benefits according to Ninja Kiwi:

  • Fair gameplay – no advantages for players who spend more money
  • Revenue to support ongoing development and new content
  • No annoying disruptive ads during gameplay

Many fans appreciate BTD6 avoiding some of the common free-to-play mobile game pitfalls. The upfront cost provides hundreds of hours of enjoyment.

How to Get BTD6 for Free

While BTD6 isn‘t free normally, here are some legitimate ways to download and play for free:

Free on Epic Games Store

Epic Games Store offered BTD6 as a free weekly game in July 2021. Over 7.5 million copies were claimed during that promo week. This drove a huge influx of new players to the title.

Epic frequently provides free game giveaways like this. There‘s a chance BTD6 could be free again in the future, so check regularly.

BTD6 Mobile with BlueStacks on PC

BlueStacks is a popular Android emulator for PC. It allows playing mobile games on desktop. You can install the free BlueStacks program, then download BTD6 from the Google Play store to play the full mobile version on PC at no additional cost.

A mobile emulator is the only way to get the BTD6 experience on desktop for free. But again you still have to purchase the mobile version.

Other Free Bloons TD Titles

If you‘re looking for a free Bloons TD fix, here are some options:

  • Bloons TD Battles – Free PVP spinoff with in-app purchases
  • Bloons TD 4 – Older entry with a free web version
  • Bloons TD 5 – Limited free demo available

These offer a taste of the series without paying. But BTD6 itself remains a premium game.

BTD6 Gameplay Tips and Stats

Here are some useful gameplay tips and interesting stats for new and experienced BTD6 players alike:

Useful Tactics

  • Place 0/0/2 village for camo detection to make DDTs visible
  • Alchemist buffs make MOAB-class bloons much easier
  • Druid farming builds generate tons of cash quickly
  • Sub commander + other subs shreds MOABs with ease

Hero Ability Uses

Hero Key Ability MOAB Use
Striker Jones Concussive Shell Stuns MOABs
Obyn Greenfoot Wall of Trees Huge MOAB damage
Benjamin Syphon Funding Drains MOAB cash

Fun BTD6 Stats

  • Over 20 million downloads across iOS, Android, and Steam
  • Reached #1 Paid App in over 10 countries
  • Over 35 unique monkey towers
  • 500,000+ lines of code
  • Maximum round over 3000 currently

So while BTD6 remains a premium game, hopefully this guide provided several tips to enjoy the full experience free on PC if you already own the mobile version. Look for occasional free promotions, but expect to pay a small price for many hours of outstanding tower defense gameplay. The premium model has allowed BTD6 to become one of the very best in the genre.