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Will Chivalry 2 be free?

No, Chivalry 2 is currently a paid game without a permanently free version available. While free trial periods may occasionally allow gamers to sample the medieval madness, the full Chivalry 2 experience remains a premium product.

Developed by Torn Banner Studios and published by Tripwire Interactive, Chivalry 2 first launched in June 2021 priced at $39.99 USD. Since then, the unique first-person slasher has carved out a niche in the competitive multiplayer genre, selling over 2 million copies across PC, Xbox, and PlayStation platforms.

But will fervent fans ever be able to play Chivalry 2 for free? Let‘s slash through the speculation and examine why this critically acclaimed multiplayer title seems firmly committed to its paid status.

Evaluating Chivalry 2‘s Ongoing Success as a Paid Title

Chivalry 2 entered a crowded market competing directly against established genre leaders like Mordhau, For Honor, and the prior Chivalry game. Releasing at a budget $40 price point was a risky move. But the gambit seems to have paid off so far based on a few key metrics:

  • According to official figures, Chivalry 2 sold 1 million copies within its first year across all platforms. This implies healthy recurring revenue at approximately $40 per purchase.
  • The game peaked at 27,097 concurrent players on Steam in June 2022 shortly after its launch, per SteamDB. This puts it ahead of competitors like Mordhau at 21,918 players.
  • Chivalry 2 currently holds a "Mostly Positive" 77% review score on Steam and 80% on Metacritic, indicating solid word-of-mouth.
  • As of February 2023, the average daily players for Chivalry 2 on Steam sit around 5,000, which is very respectable for a multiplayer title in its second year.

This data shows that charging a flat $40 price has not hampered Chivalry 2‘s ability to cultivate an active player base that enjoys the gameplay and engages with new content updates.

Ongoing Monetization Supports Paid Structure

In addition to selling millions of initial copies, Torn Banner Studios implemented several monetization avenues that allow Chivalry 2 to generate revenue beyond its upfront sticker price:

  • The Special Edition includes the Tenosian Brigade Pack and House Aberfell Pack for $49.99, providing $10 worth of exclusive in-game content.
  • The King‘s Edition bundles the base game with all cosmetic DLC for $59.99, targeted at hardcore fans.
  • A Season Pass system sells premium battle passes providing 100 tiers of unlockable cosmetic items through gameplay or purchase.
  • Time-limited cosmetic packs add weapons, armor, and other customization content for prices ranging from $1.99 to $14.99.
  • Promotional crossover content brings in other franchises like Dead by Daylight to boost engagement.

According to Torn Banner Studios, this post-launch monetization strategy has "contributed to the game‘s ongoing development" by providing additional revenue streams beyond the initial purchase. This reduces the incentive to make the core experience free.

Chivalry 2 Doubles Down on Paid Model

Not only has Chivalry 2 seen sales success at $40, but Torn Banner Studios has given no indication of shifting to a free-to-play model. If anything, their actions signal a continued commitment to the paid structure:

  • No free version was released when Chivalry 2 came to Steam in June 2022 after a year on Epic Games Store. Keeping it paid-only for the Steam launch aligns with their business strategy.
  • Major content updates like the "Reinforced" patch in December 2022 add new maps and modes but remain behind the paywall.
  • Director Steve Piggott commented "We have no plans to go free-to-play" in a February 2022 interview, the clearest confirmation yet.
  • The roadmap highlights upcoming paid expansion packs that will provide "meaningful new content" to players, suggesting more premium updates.

Barring a dramatic shift in strategy, Torn Banner is unlikely to relinquish their profitable $40 per unit revenue stream in exchange for a free-to-play model reliant on more volatile in-game transactions.

The Verdict – Enjoy Free Trials, But Don‘t Expect Permanent F2P

While limited-time free access events provide a nice sneak peek, Chivalry 2 currently remains a paid game with no indication that changing anytime soon based on its:

  • Strong initial sales at $40 price point.
  • Ongoing revenue from post-launch content and cosmetics.
  • Commitment to paid expansions over free core experience.

For medieval warfare fans on a budget, take full advantage of promotional periods to get your fill of Chivalry 2’s frantic, 64-player, multiplayer battles. But manage expectations around ever being able play permanently for free.

So while you may occasionally eat for free at theChivalry 2 banquet, Torn Banner seems intent on keeping the chair you sit in a paidseat. At least for the foreseeable future!