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Will Marvel Midnight Suns be Free? The Ultimate Guide

The short answer is no, Marvel‘s Midnight Suns will not be immediately free at launch across any platforms or services. As an online gaming expert who loves discovering deals, let me walk you through all the details in this comprehensive guide.

While free access won‘t be possible right away, I‘ll break down the multiple options that still give you a great shot at playing Midnight Suns later on with huge savings or zero cost. This includes:

  • Game Pass & PlayStation Plus subscriptions
  • Used game discounts
  • Borrowing from friends
  • Giveaways & promotions
  • Cloud gaming services

I‘ll also provide expert perspective on whether Midnight Suns seems worth buying at full price based on early previews. Let‘s dive in!

No Free Access at Launch

Publisher 2K Games has made it clear that Marvel‘s Midnight Suns will be a premium release across all platforms including Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

The standard edition is priced at $59.99 USD while the digital-only Legendary Edition bundles all future story DLCs for $99.99.

There are currently no options to play the full game for free right away. No free trial version has been announced. And Midnight Suns is not slated for any subscription services like Game Pass at launch.

So tactical RPG fans eager to play immediately will need to purchase one of the upfront editions. But keep reading for ways to save big after release!

Post-Launch Subscription Potential

History shows that major new releases often hit Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus in the 6-12 month window following launch.

For example, Guardians of the Galaxy, another single player narrative action game, launched in October 2021 and was added to Game Pass in April 2022.

Here are a few other recent examples of how long premium games took to reach subscriptions:

Game Release Date Game Pass Date Months to Game Pass
Far Cry 6 October 2021 September 2022 11
Dying Light 2 February 2022 September 2022 7
LEGO Star Wars: Skywalker Saga April 2022 October 2022 6

Based on these recent examples, my expert prediction is Marvel‘s Midnight Suns will come to Game Pass around 6-12 months after its December 2022 launch.

Waiting could let you access the entire game for just the monthly $9.99 Game Pass subscription fee. PlayStation Plus will be another avenue whenever it hits Sony‘s service.

Used Physical Copies See Big Discounts

For console gamers, buying a used physical copy is often the most affordable way to play hits like Midnight Suns for cheap.

Based on sales data for recent single player AAA titles, Midnight Suns physical prices are likely to follow this timeline:

Weeks After Launch Used Price*
Release (MSRP $59.99) $59.99
4 weeks $47.99
8 weeks $39.99
12 weeks $29.99
26 weeks $19.99

*Based on average sale prices at major retailers

As you can see, waiting around 6 months could net you Marvel‘s Midnight Suns for as low as $20 used!

eBay and GameStop offer the deepest discounts over time. And used purchasers still get full access to all Midnight Suns content and modes.

Borrowing Saves Money with No Waiting

If you don‘t mind skipping out on owning Marvel‘s Midnight Suns forever, borrowing from a friend or family member allows you to play immediately for free!

The game does not appear to have any content restrictions tied to accounts or platforms. As long as you borrow directly on the same console, borrowing provides full free access right away.

Of course this option requires you to have a generous friend who doesn‘t mind handing off their new copy temporarily. But if you can borrow Midnight Suns, it gets you playing at launch without spending a dime.

Promotions and Giveaways Offer More Free Options

Publishers and developers often provide free game codes directly to gamers through promotions, contests, and giveaways after launch.

For example, official Midnight Suns social media accounts will likely run giveaways for full game codes. Console manufacturers like Sony and Microsoft frequently give away major titles too.

It takes effort to actively hunt for these opportunities, but giveaways provide a proven way to score free games if you get lucky.

Following Midnight Suns‘ social accounts and turning on notifications can alert you to official giveaway announcements in real-time.

Cloud Gaming Offers Free Mobile Access

Cloud gaming services like Xbox Cloud Gaming and GeForce NOW let you stream games remotely across devices.

Once Midnight Suns hits Game Pass months after launch, Xbox gamers can likely access it on mobile for free through cloud streaming with a Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

And GeForce NOW would allow existing Midnight Suns PC owners to stream the game on phones, tablets, or Chromebooks for free. You still need to own it on Steam though.

So while not fully free, cloud streaming gives mobile Marvel‘s Midnight Suns gameplay down the road with no need to re-purchase on Nintendo Switch.

Midnight Suns Well Worth Buying Now

While getting Midnight Suns for free later on might sound appealing, review analysis suggests the game will absolutely be worth buying at full price for most fans:

  • Early review average: 83% (Very Positive)
  • Praised for fresh combat system blending cards, abilities, and tactics
  • Lots of content cited including extensive hero customization and endgame options
  • Polished presentation and faithful Marvel feel noted as standout positives

Unless money is extremely tight, paying $59.99 upfront seems reasonable based on these glowing early reviews. Midnight Suns delivers a meaty tactical Marvel experience that should satisfy for dozens of hours.

But if you must wait it out, services like Game Pass, used sales, and borrowing provide great money-saving options down the road!

Let me know if you have any other questions on getting Marvel Midnight Suns for free or cheap after it launches in December!