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Will MultiVersus be free on July 26th?

Yes! MultiVersus will become completely free to play for everyone when the open beta launches on July 26th, 2022. This highly anticipated new platform fighter by Player First Games can be downloaded without any cost on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles. Keep reading as I break down all the details on MultiVersus‘ free-to-play model and what you can expect when jumping into the open beta.

An Introduction to MultiVersus

In case you missed it, MultiVersus is a brand new Smash Bros-style mascot fighter featuring legendary characters from across Warner Bros‘ universes. Batman, Bugs Bunny, Shaggy, and many more collide in epic 4 player brawls. The game nails that nostalgic old school couch competition feel but modernized with online play and beautiful graphics.

As someone who grew up loving Smash and has tested MultiVersus extensively, I can confidently say this is a platform fighter worth getting hyped about!

MultiVersus Highlights

  • Free-to-play with cross-play across PC, PlayStation, and Xbox
  • Fluid 2D gameplay refined for 2v2 team battles
  • Expanded roster of Warner Bros icons coming as free DLC
  • Awesome mashup of maps and universes like Batcave Arena
  • Goofy original abilities and attacks for each character
  • Easy to pickup but tons of competitive depth long-term

The art direction pops with color, the netcode feels great even when fighting worldwide opponents, and the absurd clashing of franchises constantly makes me smile. Speaking of the roster, dataminers have uncovered leaks showing around 40 playable fighters planned over the next few years!

Why Free-to-Play?

MultiVersus smartly embraces a free-to-play model similar to Fortnite, Genshin Impact, and Apex Legends. This gives the game mass market accessibility while monetizing through a battle pass and cosmetics for engaged players.

Importantly, MultiVersus avoids pay-to-win mechanics. You can acquire all gameplay content like characters and perks just by playing over time. No spending required!

Considering it‘s a brand new IP lacking the built-in fanbase of a League of Legends or Valorant, the free-to-play approach seems an ideal way to attract a large audience. Once players get a taste, MultiVersus‘ charming cast and fighting depth shines through.

Starting Your MultiVersus Journey on July 26th

When the MultiVersus open beta goes live on July 26th, I know the sudden influx of newcomers may feel overwhelming. Don‘t sweat it though, I‘ll guide you through everything step-by-step!

Pick Your Platform

MultiVersus supports cross-play between PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. Your account progress will carry across all systems.

I suggest PC if you have the option since a keyboard mouse offers more accurate controls. But PlayStation and Xbox work great too, especially if that‘s where your friends play.

Download and Install

Find MultiVersus on the digital store for whichever platform you chose. The download size is under 4 GBs, so it shouldn‘t take too long depending on your internet speed.

Once installed, launch MultiVersus and either log-in with your existing Warner Bros. account or quickly create a new free account.

Complete the Tutorial

I advise immediately checking out the in-game tutorial. This teaches you movement basics, combo strings, dodging, and the general flow of a MultiVersus match.

Don‘t feel discouraged if you get destroyed online early on. Platform fighters have a steep learning curve. But playing against humans is the fastest way to improve!

Pick a Main Character

Try out various characters to see whose gameplay style clicks with you the most. Here are some solid starters:

  • Superman – Extremely powerful in the air with flying grabs and attacks. Great for beginners.
  • Batman – Excellent projectiles and combo potential. He‘s one of the most well-rounded fighters.
  • Wonder Woman – Widespread, hard-hitting attacks makes her a threat anywhere.
  • Shaggy – Large damage output at the cost of being slow. He has a crazy rage mode!

I recommend sticking with just 1 or 2 fighters at first. It‘s better to master one character‘s matchups rather than be subpar with several.

Maximizing Your Free MultiVersus Experience

Learn the Gold & Toast Economy

You‘ll earn two currencies simply by playing:

Gold – Used to unlock characters, perks, announcers, profile icons, etc. This is the main free currency.

Toast – Gained from completing daily & seasonal quests. Toast levels up your account for enhanced banners, ringouts, and profiles.

Save your early gold to permanently unlock your main character first before spending on others. Check quests often to maximize toast earnings.

Spend Time in the Lab

Practice makes perfect in fighting games. MultiVersus offers offline modes against bots to refine combos and strategies without the stress of ranking.

Set bot difficulty to Very Hard and really focus on nailing down movement, projectile catching, juggles, and recovery. These skills will tremendously help in real matches.

Watch Top Player Streams

YouTube and Twitch are great resources to study high-level techniques. Top players like Leffen, EE, SkilledRoy, Nakat, and more already produce insightful MultiVersus content.

Seeing strategies used effectively first-hand accelerates the learning process. Try to think critically about why they make certain gameplay decisions.

Party Up with Friends

Teaming up with friends for 2v2 matches gives you reliable allies as you learn the ropes. Communication and synergy within a team yields more victories.

Positively reinforcing each other‘s improvements helps build confidence. Eventually you‘ll be ready to solo queue and test yourself!

Avoid Toxicity

Unfortunately online gaming comes with some immaturity. Brush off any rude or tilt-inducing players you encounter and focus on having fun.

Staying calm and not stooping to toxicity is key. With the right mentality, you can overcome anything those scummy trolls throw your way!

Is MultiVersus Worth Playing?

In my opinion, absolutely. MultiVersus nails the most important aspects:

  • Runs smoothly with great netcode
  • Accessible yet high skill ceiling
  • Vast content updates planned
  • Respects players‘ time as free-to-play
  • Fun casual and competitive appeal

Unless you despise platform fighters, give MultiVersus an extended tryout. It really captures the magic of old-school couch multiplayer but modernized.

Between the IP mashup concept and incoming stream of new characters, I‘m confident MultiVersus can thrive for years as a service game. We‘ll see where the roster ends up years down the line!

Hopefully this guide helps prepare you to dive into the MultiVersus open beta on July 26th. Let me know if you have any other questions! I‘m always happy to help new players get invested in this incredibly fun platform fighter.