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The Ultimate Guide to Playing MW2 for Free This Weekend

Great news for gamers on a budget – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is holding a free-to-play weekend event from March 16 at 10AM PT until March 20 at 10AM PT. This offers an awesome chance to try out MW2‘s multiplayer for free!

Play MW2‘s Core Multiplayer for Free

Here‘s a sneak peek at everything you can access during the MW2 free weekend event:

  • All 6v6 Multiplayer maps and modes
  • Multiplayer progression – level up to unlock new weapons and attachments
  • The first co-op Raid mission called ‘Atomgrad‘
  • All the maps, modes, and updates from Season 02 Reloaded

According to Activision, this free weekend includes "core 6v6 Multiplayer gameplay". So basically you get access to all the good stuff in multiplayer, minus the single player campaign.

A Great Chance to Try Before You Buy

This is a prime opportunity check out MW2‘s signature fast-paced Call of Duty gunplay across a variety of maps and modes. You‘ll get around 5 days of free access, which is plenty of time to get a feel for the gameplay and make an informed decision about whether to buy.

Downloading and accessing the free trial only takes a few minutes. Just follow the simple steps below for your platform:

On PC:

  1. Open the launcher
  2. Go to the Modern Warfare 2 page
  3. Click the "Install" button to preload the game
  4. Once preloaded, click "Play" to start!

On PlayStation:

  1. Go to the PS Store and search "Modern Warfare 2"
  2. Select the free trial version and click "Download"
  3. Once finished downloading, open MW2 from your game library

On Xbox:

  1. Go to the Xbox Store and search "Modern Warfare 2"
  2. Choose the free trial option and select "Download"
  3. Open MW2 from My Games & Apps once installation completes

Internet connection required. The download size varies between platforms – it‘s a hefty 70-100GB because hey, it‘s a triple-A shooter. Make sure you have enough free disk space!

Hands-On Time Without Wasting Money

Here‘s why you should take advantage of this free weekend:

  • Try before you buy – experience MW2 for yourself before spending $70
  • Progress carries over – keep all unlocks and stats if you do buy it
  • Learn the maps and modes – get a headstart on launch players
  • Party up with friends – play together even if they already own it

You have nothing to lose and hours of fun Call of Duty gameplay to gain. No wasted money or regretted purchases. Download that sucker and see if MW2‘s multiplayer is to your liking.

Maximize Your Limited Free Weekend Playtime

You only have a few short days to experience MW2 for free, so make the most of it with these pro gamer tips:

Start Preloading ASAP

Don‘t wait, start installing the free trial right when it becomes available. With 70-100GB to download, you‘ll want all the time you can get. Preload ahead of the 10AM PT starting time on March 16 so you can dive straight into playing.

Focus On Leveling Up

Try to reach level 16 during the free weekend to unlock the Create-a-Class feature. This allows you to build custom loadouts for your playstyle versus using pre-made default classes. The ability to tune your loadouts makes multiplayer way more fun.

Study Maps and Modes

Check the MW2 Companion App which includes interactive maps of all the multiplayer levels. Familiarize yourself with the maps, objectives, choke points, sniping spots, etc. This will help improve your performance and K/D ratio!

Play Together with Friends

Team up on voice chat with gaming buddies who also downloaded the free version. Partying up gives you bonus XP thanks to the coordinated play. Plus, it‘s more fun to explore the maps and modes together!

Complete In-Game Challenges

Keep an eye out for the various challenges tied to using weapons, equipment, killstreaks etc. Completing these challenges is a quick way to earn chunks of bonus XP and level up faster during the free weekend.

Utilize these tips from a hardcore MW2 player and you‘ll get the most out of the brief free access period. Now let‘s look at what happens when it ends…

What Happens When the Free Weekend Ends?

At 10AM PT on March 20th, the MW2 free trial period officially ends. At that point, you‘ll lose access to play it any further unless you purchase the full retail version.

But don‘t worry, all the progress and unlocks you earned during the free weekend will carry over seamlessly. Here‘s what happens to your MW2 status after the free weekend concludes:

  • Your level, battle pass progress, etc will NOT reset or be wiped
  • Any weapons, attachments, camos you unlocked remain
  • Your stats like kill/death ratio stay the same

So even if you‘re undecided on buying MW2 after trying it, go ahead and play the free weekend without hesitation. No downside at all!

Take Your Skills into the Full Version

If you do decide to purchase MW2 at a later date, you‘ll simply resume right from where you left off at the end of the trial. All your stats, unlocks, and progression carries straight over to the full version.

This makes the free weekend a risk-free way to get a headstart on leveling up versus players who just bought the game.

Should You Buy MW2 After Trying the Free Version?

After spending several days playing the MW2 multiplayer trial, you may be on the fence about whether to actually purchase the full game. Here is some insight that may help make your decision:

MW2 Pros

  • Silky smooth Call of Duty gunplay
  • New water mechanics change up gameplay
  • Large selection of weapons, attachments, perks
  • Replayable co-op Raid and Spec Ops missions
  • Battle pass adds extended progression

MW2 Cons

  • Only 6 core 6v6 multiplayer maps on launch
  • Occasional crashes and stability issues
  • Progression may feel slow for some players
  • $70 price tag – ouch!

Overall, MW2 delivers the solid Call of Duty experience people expect – just more refined and polished. But the high price and limited launch maps may give budget-conscious gamers pause.

Still Worth Buying in 2023?

Even with a few drawbacks, I think MW2 is still worth buying in 2023 for several reasons:

  • Player count is still high – over 25 million players in the first 10 days
  • Tons of post-launch content drops planned
  • New Warzone 2 experience launching soon
  • MW2 gameplay is just so dang smooth and satisfying

The free weekend trial is the best way to experience MW2 for yourself before committing $70. But so far, MW2 seems to be worth the premium price for most gamers.

How to Buy MW2

Okay, you tried the free version and now you‘re ready to buy. Here are the purchase options and prices for MW2 across platforms:

On PC:

    • Base Game – $69.99
    • Vault Edition – $99.99 (bonus content)
  • Steam:
    • Base Game – $69.99

On PlayStation:

  • PS Store:
    • Standard Edition – $69.99
    • Cross-gen Bundle – $89.99 (PS4 + PS5)
    • Vault Edition – $99.99

On Xbox:

  • Microsoft Store:
    • Standard Edition – $69.99
    • Cross-gen Bundle – $89.99 (Xbox One + Series X|S)
    • Vault Edition – $99.99

Visit the digital store for your platform and purchase the edition you want. Make sure to use the same account that you played the free trial with so your progress carries over!

Ready for Action

The MW2 free weekend gives you the best chance to experience Call of Duty‘s signature multiplayer for free. Now you can try before you buy and avoid buyer‘s remorse. Download the trial, play across a variety of maps and modes, and decide if MW2‘s slick gameplay is worth the premium price tag.

See you on the virtual battlefield this weekend, soldier!