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Will Overwatch 2‘s Campaign Be Free? A Complete Guide

Straight up, Overwatch 2’s PVE campaign content will be completely free for all players when it releases! The whole multiplayer experience will be free too – Blizzard has committed to providing the full core Overwatch 2 package without any required payment. Now let me walk you through all the details on what this means for you.

Overwatch is Massive – And Free Helps it Grow

With over 100 million players across all platforms, Overwatch is truly a gaming juggernaut. But being able to play for free removes any barrier for new players to join the fun. Industry reports show free-to-play titles like Fortnite and Apex Legends earning billions in revenue, so going free makes smart business sense for further growing Overwatch‘s insane popularity.

The Numbers:

  • Over 100 million Overwatch players as of 2022
  • Fortnite earned an epic $5.1 billion revenue in 2020
  • Apex Legends hit $2 billion lifetime revenue with over 100 million players as of 2022

Free works – and Overwatch won‘t miss out on the rewards!

Paid Games Are Going Free More Now Than Ever

It’s an industry trend – successful paid games are transitioning to free-to-play models to expand their player bases. Fall Guys went free in 2022 and had over 20 million new sign ups in a week! Insurgency: Sandstorm also went free and saw its concurrent players spike by a massive 637% practically overnight.

The numbers speak for themselves – free works:

Game Increase After Going Free
Fall Guys +20 million players in 1 week
Insurgency: Sandstorm +637% concurrent players

Overwatch is clearly in good company! The switch to free content makes total sense.

Here’s Everything You’ll Get for Free in Overwatch 2

Let’s get into the specifics of what exactly you can enjoy in Overwatch 2 without spending a dime:

  • All multiplayer maps & modes
  • Access to all new & existing heroes
  • PVP content updates
  • PvE co-op Hero Missions
  • PvE story campaign when released in 2023

Basically every bit of gameplay content will be included for free – no strings attached!

Paid Extras Stay Cosmetic-Only

Overwatch 2 will of course include optional paid cosmetics like skins, emotes, sprays etc. But these are totally optional for just looking stylish – none of it affects gameplay balance. Battle passes and cosmetic packs are where the monetization comes in, allowing everyone to play for free while funding future development. And with Overwatch 1 having over 800 skins available, we can expect even more cool cosmetic variety!

Blizzard Is Investing in the Future

According to Blizzard themselves, going free-to-play just made sense to keep building Overwatch‘s playerbase and usher in the next evolution with Overwatch 2. And from a revenue perspective, it allows them to fully embrace cosmetic microtransactions which have proven extremely profitable for other major free multiplayer titles. Free overwatch means more players exposed to optional purchases down the line – it’s a smart long-term strategy.

In Blizzard’s own words:

“We want to get the next evolution of Overwatch into as many players’ hands as possible… Free-to-play was the way to really lower the barrier of entry and have people come and experience the next generation of Overwatch.”

I’m hyped they‘re keeping it free, aren’t you?

Overwatch Legacy Carries Over, But Servers Shut Down

When Overwatch 2 launches, the original Overwatch 1 game and servers will be shut down as the sequel takes over. But any cosmetics, progression, etc. you unlocked will carry over to Overwatch 2 for free. And since all the same heroes, maps and modes will still be there, plus tons of new additions, the upgrade will be well worth it!

The Bottom Line for You

Blizzard is clearly all-in on transitioning Overwatch to a free-to-play model for the future. This means you get to enjoy the full Overwatch 2 experience with no required payment. The PVE campaign, multiplayer updates, and new heroes are all free additions open to any player. Awesome right?

Of course optional cosmetics will be sold to fund ongoing development, but the entire core gameplay experience is free as a thank you to the fans. I’m stoked to play, and can’t wait to see you in game soon my friend!