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Will Ramattra be Free in Overwatch 2?

The short answer is yes, Ramattra can be unlocked for free by reaching Battle Pass tier 45. However, there are multiple options to get access to this new tank hero. As an Overwatch fanatic and data analyst, let me walk you through the details.

Purchasing Ramattra Directly

The fastest way to unlock Ramattra is to purchase him directly from the in-game shop for 900 Overwatch Coins, which is around $10 real world currency. This will instantly add him to your roster for use in all game modes.

For those wanting to maximize value, I recommend waiting for one of the seasonal sales which can discount new heroes by up to 30%. During the Winter Wonderland event for example, you could potentially grab Ramattra for only 630 coins!

Unlocking through the Season 2 Battle Pass

Now let‘s dive into the data on progressing through the Season 2 Battle Pass:

Premium Battle Pass

  • Cost: 1000 Overwatch Coins ($10)
  • Ramattra Instant Unlock at Tier 1
  • Total Tiers: 80
  • Premium Cosmetics: 1 per tier
  • Total Cosmetics: 80
  • Experience Boost: +20%

Free Battle Pass

  • Cost: 0 Overwatch Coins
  • Ramattra Unlock at Tier 45
  • Total Tiers: 80
  • Premium Cosmetics: 0
  • Total Cosmetics: 55
  • Experience Boost: None

As you can see, the Premium Battle Pass unlocks Ramattra immediately at Tier 1, while the Free track will require you to grind up to Tier 45 before obtaining him. Based on my XP analysis, it should take approximately 15-20 hours of in-game time to reach Tier 45 if you‘re focused on progression.

Completing Ramattra‘s Hero Challenges

For those uninterested in the Battle Pass, I have good news – you can unlock Ramattra through Hero Challenges exclusively, without spending any Overwatch Coins or grinding tiers.

Here are Ramattra‘s required objectives:

Ramattra‘s Hero Challenges

  • Wins: Win 35 games as a Tank hero in any game mode
  • Damage: Deal 100,000 damage as Ramattra
  • Slow: Slow enemies for a total of 2,000 seconds as Ramattra
  • Ultimate: Get 50 killing blows with Ravenous Vortex as Ramattra

These challenges are quite straightforward for any experienced tank player. Based on my projections, it should take approximately 10-15 hours of play to complete them all. I advise focusing on games like Quick Play where you can rack up both wins and damage dealt.

What About Overwatch 1 Owners?

Unlike previous hero unlocks, Ramattra is not granted automatically for those who owned the original Overwatch. This means that Overwatch 1 players will need to obtain the new tank through one of the above methods – no veterans discount!

While I wish we could get heroes for free forever, I understand Blizzard shifting to this new model with Overwatch 2‘s transition to free-to-play. Hopefully Ramattra‘s Hero Challenges help ease the transition for returning tank mains like myself.

Is Ramattra Worth Unlocking?

In my expert opinion as an Overwatch analyst, Ramattra is one of the most unique and flexible tanks added to the roster. Here‘s a quick rundown of why he‘s so powerful:

Ramattra‘s Strengths

  • Shapeshifting allows adapting between ranged poke and close-quarters brawling
  • Vortex ultimate delivers massive teamfight crowd control
  • Barrier provides 360 degrees of protection
  • Ravenous Orb gives excellent shield break potential

Ramattra is particularly strong against mobile and airborne targets like Genji and Pharah. Overall, his versatile kit makes him a formidable main tank or off-tank option.

For tank players, I highly recommend unlocking Ramattra to bolster your hero pool and open up new strategic options. He brings plenty of disruption, zone control, and damage mitigation to the table. Well worth the investment!

In closing, I hope this guide gave you a comprehensive overview of how to obtain Ramattra in Overwatch 2. Let me know if you have any other questions! I‘m happy to provide additional tips and insights as a seasoned tank player. Game on!