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Windows 11 Introduces Feature for Independent Refresh Rates on Multiple Monitors

Windows 11 is set to introduce a new feature that allows users to have independent refresh rates on multiple monitors. This feature, available in the Insider Preview Build 25915, aims to reduce power consumption while still providing optimal performance.

Having multiple monitors with high refresh rates can significantly enhance the user experience. However, running multiple panels at a constant high refresh rate can consume a lot of power. With the new feature, Windows 11 can dynamically select the appropriate refresh rate for each screen based on the content being displayed.

For example, users can play a game on one screen at its maximum refresh rate (e.g., 144Hz, 240Hz, or 300Hz) while simultaneously watching a video on another screen at a lower refresh rate, such as 30Hz. This not only lowers the power demands of the secondary screen but also preserves the full performance of the primary display.

According to a Windows blog post, this feature will greatly benefit users who engage in refresh rate-dependent multitasking, such as gaming while watching videos. It allows users to enjoy the full capabilities of their high refresh rate monitors without wasting unnecessary power.

Windows 11 is actively working towards providing energy-efficient options for users. The operating system already offers energy recommendations in its power settings and has an efficient Edge browser. By allowing independent refresh rates and power management settings, Windows 11 aims to strike a balance between providing high performance and minimizing power consumption in PC gaming hardware.

Interestingly, it has also been observed that enabling variable refresh rate (VRR) on AMD graphics cards can significantly reduce power draw during idle states. Windows 11's latest preview build includes a feature for mobile devices that adjusts the refresh rate based on power settings, similar to certain gaming laptops.

In conclusion, Windows 11's upcoming feature for independent refresh rates on multiple monitors will provide users with greater flexibility in managing power consumption while maximizing performance. By prioritizing energy efficiency, Microsoft aims to support green practices in PC gaming.