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Windows 11 Introduces New Feature to Optimize Power Demands for Multiple Monitors

Having multiple high refresh rate monitors can enhance your computing experience, but it also consumes a significant amount of power. To address this issue, Microsoft is introducing a new feature in the Insider Preview Build 25915 of Windows 11 that allows for individual refresh rates on different screens based on the content being displayed.

With this feature, you can play a game on one screen at its maximum refresh rate while running a video on another screen at a lower refresh rate, thereby reducing the power demands of the screen that doesn't require a high refresh rate. This optimization allows you to maintain the performance of your primary display while lowering power consumption.

According to a Windows blog post, this feature is particularly beneficial for multitasking activities that rely on refresh rates, such as playing a game and watching a video simultaneously. By dynamically adjusting the refresh rates of different monitors, Windows 11 aims to strike a balance between performance and energy efficiency.

In addition to this new feature, Windows 11 already offers energy recommendations in its power settings and has an efficient Edge browser. By implementing these optimizations, Microsoft is working towards minimizing unnecessary power usage by gaming hardware.

Interestingly, it has also been observed that enabling variable refresh rate (VRR) on AMD graphics cards can significantly improve their power efficiency. Users can enable this feature, denoted as Adaptive Sync, FreeSync, or G-Sync, to reduce idle power consumption on compatible screens.

Furthermore, the latest Windows preview build includes a feature specifically for mobile devices, where the refresh rate automatically decreases when Battery Saver mode is enabled and returns to normal when Battery Saver is disabled.

By introducing these power-saving features, Windows 11 aims to provide a more sustainable gaming experience without compromising performance.