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Xbox 360 Nostalgia Lives On with Mega Building Set

Microsoft has found a new way to keep the nostalgia of Xbox 360 games alive with the release of a Mega Xbox 360 building set. Scheduled for release on October 8, 2023, this building set is sold exclusively through Target. Pre-orders for the set went live immediately after the announcement and quickly sold out.

The Mega Xbox 360 set is a 3:4 scale collector set and comes with a total of 1,342 pieces. It includes blueprints for the Xbox 360 system, complete with internal parts and wires. The controller in the set is also intricately designed, with individual pieces for the face buttons and an Xbox button that sticks out slightly. Additionally, the set includes a buildable case for Halo 3.

One of the highlights of the set is the remarkably detailed console section. It features slots for memory sticks, a glowing power ring, brand labels, and even a motherboard-like base on the inside. Unlike the real Xbox 360, there's no need to worry about this blocky version suffering from the infamous “red ring of death.”

Unfortunately, Microsoft has announced the closure of the Xbox 360 store in 2024. However, players can still enjoy their existing Xbox 360 games on the Xbox Series X|S consoles, as well as their original Xbox 360 consoles for as long as they wish.

Overall, the Mega Xbox 360 building set allows gamers to reminisce about the beloved console and its games in a tangible and nostalgic way. It captures the essence of the Xbox 360 and invites players to relive their favorite moments in block form.

– Mega Xbox 360 building set: A collector set consisting of a building set that allows users to create a block version of the Xbox 360 console.
– Nostalgia: A sentimental longing or affection for the past, often associated with happy memories or experiences.
– Xbox Series X|S: The latest generation of consoles released by Microsoft, capable of playing Xbox 360 games.
– Xbox 360 store: An online store where users can purchase Xbox 360 games and accessories.

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