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Xbox Introduces New Enforcement Strike System for Better Safety Transparency

Xbox has unveiled a new enforcement strike system aimed at enhancing the transparency of its safety measures. Starting today, every instance of bad behavior will be assigned a strike based on its severity.

The highest level of severity is reached after accumulating eight strikes, resulting in a one-year suspension from Xbox social features such as multiplayer, messaging, parties, and party chat. However, players with strikes will still be able to access single-player games and purchased content. In extreme cases, like engaging in illegal activity, Xbox reserves the right to permanently suspend accounts from all activities.

Upon reaching two strikes, players will face a one-day suspension, while accumulating four strikes will result in a seven-day suspension. All strikes will remain on a player's record for a duration of six months.

To promote transparency, players will have access to their own enforcement history, allowing them to see how strikes have impacted their record. Additionally, families will be able to view the enforcement history of members within their group.

This update aligns with Xbox's ongoing efforts to combat toxicity and improve the overall safety of its platform. Last month, they introduced voice reporting as a means to address negative behavior.

The announcement of the new strike system was made by Dave McCarthy, CVP Xbox Player Services, on the Xbox Wire blog. McCarthy emphasized that Xbox is dedicated to continuously enhancing their safety measures to create an environment where players can interact respectfully, free from harassment and bullying.