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Xbox Partners with BWT Alpine F1 Team as Official Console Partner

Xbox has recently announced a new multi-year sponsor deal with the BWT Alpine F1 Team, becoming their “official console partner.” This partnership comes in addition to Microsoft's existing sponsorship of the Alpine F1 team. As part of the agreement, the Xbox and Game Pass logos will be featured on the Alpine cars and team environments at select races throughout the season.

Alpine and Xbox shared the news through social media and an official press release on Alpine's website. David Gendry, Alpine's VP of Sponsoring, Partnerships, and Communications, expressed his excitement about partnering with Xbox, praising the company as a household name and a leader in the gaming industry. Gendry also mentioned their successful previous collaborations and the shared values between Microsoft, Xbox, and Alpine.

Xbox's CVP of Gaming Marketing, Jerret West, emphasized the goal of reaching more fans worldwide through their love for sports. West highlighted the excitement and thrill of competitive racing, stating that motorsports is an exciting sports category with a diverse fanbase. West also expressed the common values of diversity, equity, and inclusion shared by Xbox and Alpine.

This new partnership will kick off at the Japanese Grand Prix, which takes place from September 22nd to 24th at the Suzuka Circuit. The race will feature qualification on Saturday and the main event on Sunday. As for the updated livery in EA's F1 2023 game, it remains to be seen if it will reflect the partnership between Xbox and Alpine.

This collaboration between Xbox and the BWT Alpine F1 Team brings together the worlds of gaming and racing, aiming to bring the joy and community of both to more people worldwide.

– Alpine F1 Team Official Press Release