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Xbox Series S Accounts for 75% of Total Sales Since Launch, Surprising Results Revealed

In a recent leak of FTC documents, sales data regarding the Xbox Series X and S has been uncovered, and the findings may come as a surprise to some. Microsoft announced in April 2022 that the Xbox Series S accounted for a staggering 75% of total Xbox Series sales since their launch.

This revelation is particularly noteworthy considering that the Series S often receives criticism for not being a truly next-generation console. However, the popularity of the Series S demonstrates the advantages of having two distinct console options available from the start. More choices for Xbox customers can only be seen as a positive.

Contrary to expectations, the Series S outselling the Series X during this period is actually quite logical. At that time, the Series X was still in high demand, with limited stock availability. The Series S, priced at $299, proved to be a viable alternative and saw increased demand, especially during the pandemic.

Microsoft had initially projected that the Series S would account for 64.9% of the hardware sell-in, while the Series X would make up the remaining 35.1%. However, the actual figures revealed a significant difference, with the Series S representing 74.8% of sales and the Series X comprising only 25.1%. This discrepancy was primarily driven by the supply shortages caused by the pandemic.

It is reasonable to assume that the split between the two consoles has shifted in favor of the Series X since then, as it has become more readily available in 2023. Additionally, if the rumored all-digital model of the Xbox Series S launches next year, it could further tilt the sales ratio towards the Series X.

The unexpected dominance of the Series S in overall sales brings forth intriguing questions. What is your opinion on this split? Are you surprised to see the Series S emerge as the more popular choice? Share your thoughts below.

– John Welfare (Twitter)
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