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Xbox Series X Introduces Console Wraps for Customization

Microsoft is joining the Starfield hype by offering console wraps for its Xbox Series X. The wraps are made with solid core panels and can be easily attached to the console using a velcro hook and loop enclosure. Unlike console skins, which are difficult to remove once installed, these wraps allow owners to customize their console more easily. Priced at $49.99, the wraps are a more affordable way to personalize the Xbox Series X compared to purchasing a separate limited edition console.

The Xbox Console Wraps do not cover the vents or affect the console's performance. They come in three variations: Mineral Camo, Artic Camo, and a Starfield-themed version. The Starfield wrap has a sleek and clean white finish with motifs from the game, giving it a minimalist aesthetic. Each wrap comes with an Xbox wireless controller of the same color.

The release dates for the wraps differ. The Starfield-inspired version will be available on October 18, 2023, while the camo variations are set to launch on November 10. This timing aligns with the highly anticipated launch of Starfield on September 6, which is considered one of the platform's most significant releases in years.

This is the first time Microsoft has offered custom wraps for an Xbox console. Previously, Xbox 360 owners could remove the faceplate to customize their devices. Microsoft's console wraps are a response to Sony's removable side panels for its PS5 consoles.

By introducing console wraps, Microsoft aims to provide users with an affordable and easy way to personalize their gaming experience. The wraps allow Xbox Series X owners to showcase their style and fandom for Starfield without the need to purchase a separate limited edition console.

– Geek Culture