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Xbox Series X Mini-Fridge on Sale: A Cool Addition for Gamers

Looking for a unique addition to your gaming setup? Walmart is currently offering a heavily discounted Xbox Series X mini-fridge. This novelty appliance, designed to resemble Microsoft's latest gaming console, is a 4.5-litre thermoelectric cooler perfect for storing chilled snacks and drinks while you indulge in your gaming sessions.

Normally retailing at $98, the Xbox Series X mini-fridge is currently available at Walmart for just $44.88 – a 54% savings. Walmart has even labeled it as a “best seller” and “popular pick,” with over 100 units sold since the start of the promotion.

The mini-fridge comes with some impressive features. The top of the fridge and the Xbox logo light up, adding a touch of gaming aesthetic to your room. It can hold up to eight 330ml soda cans, making it convenient for storing drinks. Users have also mentioned that the fridge cools down quickly and operates quietly.

Customers who have already purchased the mini-fridge have expressed their satisfaction with the product. One buyer mentioned that it was slightly larger than a real Xbox and could accommodate up to eight regular-sized cans. Others appreciated the cool design and how it fits perfectly in kids' rooms or game rooms.

While the discounted price of $44.88 at Walmart is accurate at the time of writing, it is always advised to do your own research before making any purchase. Don't miss this opportunity to grab a unique and practical addition for your gaming setup.

– Walmart
– Microsoft

– Thermoelectric cooler: A device that uses the Peltier effect to create a temperature difference between two sides of the device, resulting in cooling on one side and heating on the other.
– Gaming console: A specialized electronic device used for playing video games.