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Xbox SSD Deal: Upgrade Your Console Storage for Less

Console storage on the standard Xbox Series X/S can be limited, especially when installing several games. The Series S only has 512GB of storage, which can sometimes hold only 4-5 games at a time. Seagate has the solution to this issue with their expansion SSD, and now you can upgrade for less with this Xbox SSD deal.

At the time of publication, the Seagate 2TB SSD for Xbox X/S is on sale for $279.99, down from the total price of $359.99. This $80 discount is part of ongoing Amazon tech deals, and it's the perfect opportunity to expand your storage for less.

The SSD expansion is a simple plug-and-play accessory for the consoles. Just insert the SSD into the console and gain instant access to 2TB of additional storage, with the option to play games and access files directly from the drive. Loading times and gameplay experience are seamless, whether you have games installed on the expansion drive or the internal Xbox SSD.

The Seagate 2TB SSD comes with several benefits. It has a high capacity, being twice the size of the largest Xbox SSD in the X edition. It is exclusively tuned for Xbox, designed to replicate the velocity architecture in the console for fast load times and immersive gameplay. The drive also comes with a 3-year warranty to protect your investment. Additionally, you can use the quick resume feature to load and switch games, just like with internal console storage. The SSD is portable, measuring 1.25 inches and weighing 1.06 oz, making it easy to take your games and save files to play with friends.

If you need an easy and seamless solution to expand your Xbox storage, this deal is worth checking out. It is especially valuable for Xbox Series S owners, as it allows for more digital games to be installed. Don't miss out on this plug-and-play improvement to your storage, designed specifically for Xbox.