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Xerneas in Pokemon Go: Weaknesses, Best Counters, and Shiny Availability

Xerneas, the Legendary Pokemon from Generation 6, has returned to Pokemon Go Raids, and players are eager to add this powerful Pokemon to their teams. In order to successfully defeat and catch Xerneas, trainers need to be well-prepared with the right counters and strategies.

Xerneas can only be obtained by defeating it in a 5-Star Raid and catching it afterward. This is the only way to acquire Xerneas in the game. The 5-Star Raid rotation brings back Legendary Pokemon at least once a year, allowing players to complete their Pokedex.

The Xerneas 5-Star Raids are available from August 16 to August 23, and then from August 27 to September 1 in Pokemon Go. During this time, players will also have the opportunity to participate in Mega Rayquaza Raids and Groudon and Kyogre Primal Raids featured during Pokemon Go Fest 2023.

Xerneas is a pure Fairy-type Pokemon and is the strongest Fairy-type option for the Master League in Pokemon Go. It is vulnerable only to Poison and Steel-type attacks. Additionally, Xerneas is immune to Dragon-type moves and can resist Fighting, Bug, and Dark-type attacks.

To effectively counter Xerneas in Raids, trainers can choose from various powerful Poison and Steel-type Pokemon. Some of the best counters include Metagross, Mega Gengar, Beedrill, Scizor, Aggron, Steelix, Roserade, Venusaur, Nihilego, and Excadrill. Most of these Pokemon can also Mega Evolve for increased battle effectiveness.

Xerneas has a certain moveset in Pokemon Go that includes Tackle, Zen Headbutt, Megahorn, Thunder, Moonblast, Close Combat, and Giga Impact. A recommended moveset for Xerneas would include both Tackle and Giga Impact to maximize damage output.

Shiny Xerneas is available in Pokemon Go, with a 5% chance of encountering it after defeating it in a 5-Star Raid. Shiny Legendaries have a 100% catch rate, meaning players won't need to use berries to ensure a successful catch.

Now that you know all the important details about Xerneas in Pokemon Go, you can strategize and assemble the right team to defeat this Legendary Pokemon and add it to your collection. Good luck, trainers!