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You Can Easily Access a Planet’s Survey Data in Starfield Through Abandoned Research Towers

In the vast universe of Starfield, players have discovered a helpful shortcut to obtain a planet's survey data. The revelation was made by a user named u/Repulsive_Show_1664 on the Starfield subreddit, who stumbled upon an abandoned research tower that holds valuable information. By accessing a computer at the top of the tower, players can conveniently download the planetary survey data for the planet they are currently exploring.

This discovery has gained widespread attention and appreciation from the Starfield community. Players see it as a practical and logical method of acquiring data within the game's storyline, rather than resorting to cheating. As one player, HamMcStarfield, commented, “I just spent a couple of hours surveying Polycene 3 before finding the artifact, but this doesn't seem like a cheat but more like a common-sense way of getting data within the story.”

Concerns were raised about whether the method provides all the survey data or just one planetary trait. u/Repulsive_Show_1664 returned to the thread to clarify that the tower usually provides a planet's trait, with the possibility of randomly offering additional data. Further testing is required to confirm this.

To locate the computer, players must reach the top of the abandoned research tower, which typically has a locked door. Using a computer inside the tower, players can access the fascinating world of the planet's survey data. According to the original poster, there is usually a dungeon chest on the right side of the room, and on the left, there is a computer available for access.

Another helpful tip shared in the thread is the existence of underwater fauna, a discovery made by a different poster named dogofhavic. This revelation adds an extra layer of excitement and exploration for players seeking unique experiences in the depths of Starfield's watery worlds.

According to a recent update on X/Twitter, Starfield has achieved a significant milestone, with over six million players enjoying the game. This makes Starfield the biggest game launch in Bethesda's history in terms of player numbers within a short timeframe.

– Reddit user u/Repulsive_Show_1664
– Reddit user HamMcStarfield
– Reddit user dogofhavic
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