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YouTube Introduces “Playables” for Gaming on the Platform

YouTube is expanding its offerings once again, this time with the introduction of “Playables,” a new initiative that allows users to play games directly on the platform. Playables had been previously reported as a product for playing online games, but details were limited as it was only being tested internally by employees.

The announcement states that a limited number of users will now have access to Playables, and if you're in that group, you'll see a new section on your YouTube homepage called “Playables” alongside other content. Users will be able to view and control their Playables history and saved game progress.

Unfortunately, YouTube hasn't provided much information about the types of games included in the Playables program or how game developers can get involved. This lack of detail leaves room for speculation about whether more advanced titles will be available compared to Google's GameSnacks or if YouTube will partner with developers for exclusive games.

The addition of Playables to YouTube comes as no surprise, considering the platform has expanded into various forms of media, including music, television, podcasts, and gaming livestreams. However, Google's previous gaming efforts, such as the now-defunct Stadia, may impact how Playables are received by users.

Overall, Playables on YouTube is an exciting new feature that allows users to access and play games directly on the platform. As the rollout progresses, it will be interesting to see how YouTube incorporates gaming into its already diverse range of content.

– Playables: Games that can be played directly on YouTube on desktop and mobile devices.
– GameSnacks: Google's gaming platform that offers HTML5-based games.
– Stadia: Google's cloud gaming service, which was shut down earlier this year.

– YouTube's announcement: [September 5, 2023] Testing “Playables” on YouTube