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ZETA DIVISION Reportedly Putting VALORANT Roster Up for Sale, Looking for New Team in 2024

After a series of disappointing performances in international VALORANT events this year, ZETA DIVISION, a prominent Japanese organization, is reportedly taking a fresh approach for 2024. According to esports reporter Seulgi, the team has made the decision to put its entire VALORANT roster up for sale, signaling their intention to form a new team for the upcoming year. While this marks the end of an era for ZETA DIVISION, it is also possible that some of the players may return if certain deals do not materialize.

ZETA DIVISION boasts a roster of top-tier Japanese VALORANT talent, including Koji “Laz” Ushida, known as the region's best player and in-game leader. Another standout player is Shota “SugarZ3ro” Watanabe, a 20-year-old rising star with immense potential as a Controller. Despite the individual skill of its players, ZETA DIVISION's performance this year fell short of expectations.

Their struggles began with an early exit from the LOCK//IN tournament in São Paulo. In the Pacific League, they finished fourth during the regular season, but managed to secure a spot at Champions by winning the Last Chance Qualifier against Team Secret. However, at the Champions event, they faced consecutive losses against FNATIC and NRG Esports during the group stage.

The underwhelming results of this year have prompted the organization to consider significant changes that may reshape the team's future direction in 2024. While the team is open to retaining some of the players if necessary deals fall through, it is highly likely that the fan-favorite squad will undergo significant transformations for the upcoming season.

In conclusion, ZETA DIVISION is seeking to rebuild their VALORANT roster for 2024, following a series of disappointing performances in international events. The organization's decision to put their entire roster up for sale indicates their commitment to starting afresh and seeking new talent. With their top players potentially returning, or the introduction of new faces, ZETA DIVISION aims to create a stronger and more successful team in the coming year.

– Esports reporter Seulgi