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Challenges and Triumphs of Completing the All Random All Champions in League of Legends

League of Legends has experienced tremendous growth throughout the years, evolving with map overhauls and character reworks. One player's journey from competitive Ranked mode to ARAM (All Random All Mid) revealed the unexpected joy that came with the introduction of Challenges in the game. These challenges breathed new life into the ARAM game mode, providing an accomplishment that seemed unattainable at first.

One of the most noteworthy challenges was the All Random All Champions, an ARAM-exclusive challenge that required players to achieve an S- or higher ranking with every character in the game. Surprisingly, this challenge proved to be one of the most difficult undertakings for the player. It forced them out of their comfort zone, compelling them to play characters they were unfamiliar with and to excel with them.

The first challenge came in playing characters considered to be “overpowered” in the mode. These champions were widely popular and often seen as significant threats. The player had to not only overcome the difficulty of playing against these powerful characters but also outperform those who regularly chose them. Despite the challenges, snowballing provided a means to maintain a lead and secure victories.

The second challenge involved playing “niche” characters that were generally disliked by players. Although these characters were not as commonly chosen, those who did play them were proficient with their unique playstyles. The player struggled against teams with strong crowd control and poke abilities, making it difficult to perform well and achieve the necessary ranking. Surviving alone was not enough; exceptional performance was crucial.

The most challenging aspect of the All Random All Champions was the final stretch, requiring approximately 10 champions to be mastered. The player encountered difficulty in selecting characters they had not yet achieved an S rank with, often facing rounds of champions they struggled with or had little experience with. This section primarily consisted of supports and champions they were not skilled in, making practice and improvement a daunting task.

Curiously, one of the most confident choices for achieving an S rank, Malphite, proved to be one of the toughest. Despite the player's expectation that Malphite's tankiness and diving prowess would yield an easy victory, they consistently fell short with A or A+ ranks. Additionally, the popularity of Malphite among other players made it challenging to secure the opportunity to play as the character.

Completing the All Random All Champions challenge in League of Legends was no small feat. Each match was an opportunity for growth, learning, and perseverance. The player's journey serves as a testament to the commitment and determination required to achieve gaming accomplishments.

– League of Legends: A popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game developed and published by Riot Games.
– ARAM (All Random All Mid): A game mode in League of Legends where players are randomly assigned a champion and engage in battles on a single lane.
– S- or higher ranking: A grade given at the end of a match in League of Legends, reflecting a player's performance. S- is one of the top grades, indicating excellence.

Source: *Jason Rodriguez*, Retired Author, Medium