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Chris Pratt’s Mario Featured in Super Smash Bros. Animation: A Clever Mashup

Chris Pratt's portrayal as the voice actor for Mario in the recent Super Mario Bros. Movie may have been met with skepticism initially. However, the film has proven to be a massive success, currently holding the title of the highest-grossing video game-based movie of all time.

In a clever mashup, a fan known as King Bob has animated the Super Mario Bros. Movie version of Mario within the Super Smash Bros. environment. King Bob was able to utilize a fan-made model of movie Mario from Awesome3D. It is noteworthy that Awesome3D is actually an eighth-grade student who contributed to this project.

The animation showcases movie Mario executing various attacks and taunts that are familiar to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players. From jab series to tilts, dash attacks to aerials, Mario's moveset is expertly showcased. What adds an extra layer of authenticity to the animation is the use of recycled voice clips from Chris Pratt's portrayal of Mario. These clips, mostly consisting of grunts, seamlessly blend with the animation, enhancing the overall experience.

Interestingly, this animation also highlights the recent change in voice actors for Mario. Charles Martinet, who previously voiced the character, has stepped down from the role. The idea of Chris Pratt providing the voice of Mario in future Smash titles may have seemed far-fetched initially. However, this animation demonstrates that Pratt's voice could indeed work well in the Super Smash Bros. universe.

To witness this creative crossover between the Super Mario Bros. Movie and Super Smash Bros., check out the embedded video.

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