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How to Hide Your Online Presence on Nintendo Switch

If you're looking for a little privacy while playing on your Nintendo Switch, you can easily hide your online presence from users on your friends list. Normally, you receive notifications when friends on your list log on and begin playing a game, and they receive the same notifications about you. However, there may be times when you want to play without being disturbed or seen by others.

To hide your online presence on the Nintendo Switch, follow these steps:

1. Power on your Nintendo Switch console.
2. Go to the Home screen.
3. Select your profile icon located in the top-left corner of the screen.
4. Scroll down and select “User Settings.”
5. Under “Friend Functions,” choose “Friend Settings.”
6. Look for the “Display online status to” option and set it to “No One.”

By enabling this setting, users on your friends list will only see you listed as offline, regardless of whether you are actually online or not. This allows you to play privately without being disturbed by notifications or appearing available to your friends.

If you prefer to have certain friends see your online presence, you can also customize the status display to “Best Friends.” This offers a more selective approach so that only specific individuals can see if you are online.

Enjoy your gaming sessions with the privacy you need, and have the option to connect with others on your own terms!

– Nintendo Switch: a popular gaming console released by Nintendo that can be played both handheld or docked to a TV.
– Online presence: the visibility or availability of a user on the internet or a digital platform, indicating their online activity or status.

Source: SlashGear – Daniel Trock