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Project L: Everything We Know So Far About Riot Games’ Highly Anticipated Fighting Game

Project L by Riot Games is one of the most anticipated fighting games, thanks to the involvement of the Cannon brothers, respected members of the fighting game scene. Recently, Riot Games showcased gameplay footage for Project L during the EVO weekend. Here is everything we know about this upcoming fighting game based on League of Legends.

Project L is expected to launch sometime next year, possibly before EVO 2024. The game is already in a playable state, with invited professionals from the scene trying it during EVO 2023. The release date and more details are expected to be announced soon, possibly at EVO 2024.

The game will likely be available on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S, following the trend of other fighting games. A tweet showing Project L running on PS5 confirms its availability on at least one platform, but Riot Games has not officially confirmed supported platforms.

Project L will be a free-to-play fighting game, but the specifics of how new characters will be unlocked and any additional monetization methods have not been revealed. It's possible that Riot Games might take inspiration from their game Valorant, using character-specific unlocks that can be obtained through gameplay or purchased.

Project L is an assist-based fighting game, where players can select two characters from the roster and tag them out mid-match. This mechanic is similar to other games like Marvel VS Capcom and Skullgirls. It will also be a team-based fighting game, allowing teams of two players to face off against each other.

The gameplay features of Project L include team-based assist fights, a six-button control scheme with light, medium, and heavy attacks, special moves that can be used for combos and ultimate attacks, defensive options like blocking and parrying, and an assist button to call in your team member for support.

Players can also choose modifiers from the Fuse System before a match, which can change up gameplay and provide advantages such as linking ultimates or providing attack boosts.

As Project L is still in active development, more characters will be added to the roster before the official release. Fans of fighting games and League of Legends can look forward to this exciting new addition to the genre.