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Ratata Arts Presents Rhythm Strategy Game “Ratatan”

Ratata Arts has recently unveiled the first gameplay trailer, information, and screenshots for their upcoming game, Ratatan. Led by Hiroyuki Kotani, the creator of the Patapon series, Ratatan is being developed in collaboration with TVT. The team behind the game includes Nelnal as the main artist, Kemmei Adachi as the main sound designer, and Kenei Nakasha, director of the .hack series.

The game is set to launch a Kickstarter campaign on July 31, with an initial release target on PC. The developers have also planned to introduce support for “modern consoles” as a stretch goal. Additionally, Red Art Games has signed on to distribute a physical edition of the game in the western market.

Ratatan combines rhythm and strategy elements, allowing players to take control of a conductor who directs an army of cute Ratatan characters. Using the controller, players must strike buttons in sync with the rhythm to issue commands to their army. The game also introduces characters equipped with musical instruments that can unleash special skills in battle. Despite the modern movement system, the gameplay maintains the beloved four-beat attack-defense mechanics.

Each Ratatan character possesses a unique instrument and skill set that players can utilize in rhythmic battles. For example, Keroronpa, a support-type character, uses a megaphone to boost party morale and disrupt enemies. The Ratatan conductor controls a diverse range of Ratatans to attack, defend, and support their army in their fight against enemies. Players can also gather “Cobuns” to expand their forces further.

The Ratatan Kickstarter campaign plans to introduce various stretch goals, including new systems, mini-games, and modern modes, to enhance the core gameplay experience. The game will feature stable and expansive online multiplayer gameplay using TVT's “Theory Engine.” Red Art Games will provide physical versions of Ratatan for modern consoles and a range of high-quality items for Kickstarter backers.

Ratatan is highly anticipated, as Hiroyuki Kotani's Patapon series has been critically acclaimed for its art design and innovative gameplay. The success of Patapon and its sequels has established Kotani as a talented game creator within the rhythm genre.