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Season 6 of Modern Warfare and Warzone Introduces Game-Changing Shotgun Attachment

Season 6 has arrived in Modern Warfare and Warzone, bringing with it a plethora of new content and updates to the game's weapons. One of the standout additions is a new attachment that completely alters the functionality of a specific Shotgun, turning it into a one-shot kill weapon.

The Lockwood 300 Shotgun, which has been gradually improved over the past few seasons, now has a new attachment called the Maelstrom Dual Trigger. This attachment is described as a “cold hammer forged dual trigger that fires both rounds simultaneously.” It allows players to achieve devastating results, delivering a one-shot kill up to approximately 10 meters when aiming or up to five meters when hip-firing.

In order to unlock the Maelstrom Dual Trigger, players need to get 15 Point-Blank Operator kills with the Lockwood 300. However, it's worth noting that the attachment has been banned from the Ranked mode in the game due to its overpowered nature.

Content creator JGOD has shared his best loadout for the Lockwood 300 in Warzone, designed to maximize the benefits of the Maelstrom Dual Trigger. The recommended loadout includes the Schlager ULO-66 Laser, Matuzek 812 Barrel, Sakin DB107 Muzzle, Heist Stock Mod, and, of course, the Maelstrom Dual Trigger.

It's important to note that, given the attachment's power and impact on gameplay, it's likely to be nerfed in the future. Therefore, players are advised to take advantage of it while they can.

Overall, the introduction of the Maelstrom Dual Trigger attachment in Season 6 has significantly changed the meta for shotguns in Modern Warfare and Warzone. Players now have a devastating close-range option that can quickly eliminate enemies with just one shot.

– Max Candelarezi, Gamespot article, September 28, 2023