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Why Blaziken VMAX Alternate Art Value Is Declining in the Pokémon TCG

In the ever-changing and unpredictable market of Pokémon TCG, the value of cards can fluctuate greatly. One card that has seen a decline in value recently is the Blaziken VMAX Alternate Art Secret Rare from the Chilling Reign set.

Just a month ago, this card was valued at over $200, but it has now dropped to $179.99. This significant decrease in value is a result of the card's popularity waning. While Blaziken is a popular Pokémon, it doesn't have the same level of fanfare as characters like Charizard, Pikachu, or the Eeveelutions.

Chase cards in the Pokémon TCG are often determined by more than just rarity. The most sought-after cards are usually those featuring hyper-popular Pokémon or have unique artwork or trends associated with them. Blaziken VMAX Alternate Art, while rare, doesn't meet these criteria to the same extent as other cards that reach higher values.

It is predicted that the value of Blaziken VMAX Alternate Art will continue to decrease and level out around $120 – $135. Collectors who are looking to complete their Pokémon TCG collection might find this price range more affordable, especially compared to its previous value.

It's important for hobbyists to stay informed about the value and availability of Pokémon TCG cards. While this series serves as a guide, it is not financial advice. Keep an eye on Bleeding Cool for updated coverage on the Pokémon TCG and upcoming set reveals.


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