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Will SumaiL’s Lack of Growth Hurt His Dota 2 Career?

One of the most renowned Dota 2 streamers, Aleksandr “Nix” Levin, recently criticized Sumail “SumaiL” Hassan, the midlaner for Team Aster. Nix stated that SumaiL is a stagnant player who hasn't shown any growth in his professional career.

Nix pointed out that SumaiL continues to play the same way he did years ago, without adding new playstyles or expanding his hero pool like other emerging midlaners. Nix emphasized that SumaiL needs to adapt and move beyond his old skills in order to thrive in the constantly evolving Dota 2 scene.

SumaiL recently competed with Team Aster in The International 12 regional qualifiers but unexpectedly lost to Team Bright in the lower bracket quarterfinals. Nix expressed concerns about SumaiL's performance during this event.

Despite being one of Nix's favorite players, he believes that SumaiL's playstyle has become mundane. Nix equated SumaiL's approach to the game as merely a job, devoid of any passion or excitement. He stated, “watching him, you don't feel any emotion, his game doesn't shine.”

To underscore his point, Nix compared SumaiL to 9pandas' young midlaner, Gleb “kiyotaka” Zyryanov. He highlighted how kiyotaka had adapted to playing micro-intensive heroes like Meepo and Broodmother when the meta demanded it, demonstrating growth as a player.

Nix suggests that SumaiL needs to keep up with Dota 2's evolving metas and expand his hero pool in order to maintain his past success. He warned that clinging to old skills and not adapting to the changing landscape of the game will hinder SumaiL's chances of achieving further triumphs.

SumaiL has faced challenges in his professional career since leaving Evil Geniuses after TI9. Although his tenure with OG reached its peak at TI10, where the team finished 7th – 8th, it has been a difficult three years for the TI5 champion. Despite playing on notable teams such as OG, Nigma Galaxy, Team Secret, and Team Aster, he has struggled to consistently achieve favorable results.

Team Aster had moments of promise during SumaiL's time with them, but they were unable to fully establish themselves as a formidable opponent. Following their failure to qualify for TI12, Aster has withdrawn from BetBoom Dacha, a tournament set for September 2023, due to internal issues. The future of SumaiL and his association with Team Aster remains uncertain.


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