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Xbox Store and Cloud Gaming Experience Outages

There are currently widespread issues with the Xbox Store and Cloud Gaming service, affecting Xbox console owners. Users have reported difficulties in searching for and purchasing games in the Xbox Store, as well as launching games through the Xbox Cloud Gaming service.

The official Xbox status page acknowledges these outages under the category of “Stores and Subscriptions”, with messages stating that certain games may not be visible in the store, details may be missing in the Game Pass, and purchasing games may not be possible at the moment.

Additionally, the “Cloud Games and Remote Play” section of the status page explains that users may encounter difficulties in starting cloud games or experience unexpected disconnections during gameplay.

These issues were initially reported early in the morning, with Microsoft Support X (formerly Twitter) confirming their investigation into the matter. However, the cause of these outages has not been specified.

As of now, the Xbox Status page informs that the problems have been identified, but there is no estimated timeline for the resolution. Updates will be provided on the status page and various social media channels.

Notably, these outages follow a recent incident where a code update resulted in a malfunctioning Bing Chat chatbot for many users worldwide.

– Xbox Support (@XboxSupport) on Twitter
– Xbox status page