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How to Catch Fezandipiti in the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Teal Mask DLC

In the Teal Mask DLC for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, players have the opportunity to catch Fezandipiti, one of the Titan Pokemon that they previously battled. Fezandipiti can be found in the same location where it was encountered as a Titan Pokemon, on the cliff edge outside the cave system.

To reach Fezandipiti, players can fly to the Crystal Pools and scale the rock wall to access the cavern entrance. From there, they can glide to the exit and find Fezandipiti waiting for them. Unlike other Pokemon that can be caught by throwing a Poke Ball, players must approach Fezandipiti and initiate a battle by talking to it.

During the battle, players will face a level 70 Fezandipiti with a different moveset compared to the Titan battle. Fezandipiti's moveset includes Beat Up, Roost, Flatter, and Swagger. Beat Up is Fezandipiti's only attack move, but it will only strike once. Roost allows Fezandipiti to heal half of its health, while Flatter raises its Special Attack and may cause confusion. Swagger raises the attack stat of the player's Pokemon but also confuses it.

While Fezandipiti may not be able to inflict much damage, it can spam confusion and use its unique ability, Toxic Chain, to badly poison the player's Pokemon. It is therefore recommended to have a Steel type Pokemon to withstand its attacks.

Fezandipiti is a Poison/Fairy type Pokemon, making it weak against Ground, Steel, and Psychic types. It resists Fairy, Grass, Dark, Fighting, and Bug types. The catch rate for Fezandipiti is listed as 1.6%, but players may have varying levels of success when attempting to catch it.

Overall, catching Fezandipiti in the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Teal Mask DLC is a rewarding experience, as it adds a unique Poison/Fairy type Pokemon to the player's collection.

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