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Pokemon Unite: A Guide to Mewtwo Y’s Moveset and Held Items

Pokemon Unite's latest addition, Mewtwo Y, has become quite popular among the Unite community. To obtain the Mewtwo Y Unite license, players need to complete the missions in the Mewtwo's Crystal Cave Challenge event, which ends in approximately 26 days from now. This gives players enough time to collect 100 Mewtwo Y Crystals required to purchase the license in Pokemon Unite.

Unlike Mewtwo X, who is an All-Rounder, Mewtwo Y takes on the role of an Attacker. While Mewtwo X prefers close combat, Mewtwo Y relies on ranged attacks and keeps a distance from its enemies.

Let's take a closer look at the best moveset and Held Items for Mewtwo Y in Pokemon Unite:

Mewtwo Y has three Special 1 moves:
– Confusion: Deals damage to an opposing Pokémon and temporarily disables it.
– Future Sight: Pushes the designated opposing Pokémon away, reducing its movement speed and dealing damage over time.
– Psystrike: Deals damage to the target opposing Pokémon and nearby enemies, with the damage increasing the farther the user is from the target.

Mewtwo Y also has three Special 2 moves:
– Barrier: Grants the user a shield and increases movement speed.
– Recover: Grants the user a shield, increases movement speed, and replenishes health based on the damage dealt with basic attacks.
– Teleport: Teleports the user to a designated location, increasing movement speed and damage dealt, and boosting the Mega gauge.

Mewtwo Y's Unite move, Infinite Psyburn, is the same as Mewtwo X's. It deals damage to all opposing Pokémon around the point of impact, temporarily disabling them and lowering their Special Defense.

The recommended moveset for Mewtwo Y is:
– Confusion and Barrier (which will upgrade to more powerful attacks at levels 5 and 7, respectively).
– Psystrike as the Special 1.
– Teleport as the Special 2 for increased mobility.
– Infinite Psyburn as the Unite move.

As for Held Items, players can equip Mewtwo Y with the Slick Spoon, which increases HP by 210 points and Special Attack by 30 points, and the Rapid Fire Scarf, which increases the speed of basic attacks.

By utilizing this moveset and these Held Items, players can optimize their performance in Pokemon Unite matches with Mewtwo Y as their chosen character.